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Boost Your Productivity at These Awesome Coworking Spaces in Houston

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Coworking hubs have garnered newfound popularity in recent years, with many opting for this nonconformist working environment over traditional office spaces. In today’s rapidly changing economy, where an inviting community atmosphere, flexibility, and ease of connecting with like-minded professionals are more important than ever, you can be sure that this trend is not stopping any time soon. Although the most recent survey proclaims that coworking spaces only make up 5% of Houston’s office inventory, that number is set to reach 30% by 2030. The large Texas metropolis is continuously evolving in this regard, with new coworking hubs and freelancer-friendly cafes popping up daily.

If you’re looking to finally move from your home office to a booming bureau with a more lucrative atmosphere, we’re here to help! We’ve handpicked 13 of the hottest coworking spots in Houston right now, which freelancers, solopreneurs and creative professionals will surely appreciate. Check them out, in no particular order:

Local Office

Conveniently located at 2617 Bissonet Street, the colorful and welcoming Local Office provides excellent conditions to solo entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. Upon arrival, you’ll instantly appreciate the free, on-site private parking spaces provided by the company, which is quite the rarity in such a central part of the city.

The coworking hub’s sleek and stylish interior, with a wide range of work environments (from open-space common lounges with a library-like setting to private offices and conference rooms) means varied options for aspiring workers of all backgrounds. The comfy, ergonomic chairs, the standing desks, the modern equipment and the goal-oriented community atmosphere should all prompt you to have a productive day. Thanks to the on-site café, the complimentary coffee and tea, along with the free use of all the kitchen appliances, you won’t even have to leave the building to recharge your energy levels. The coworking space is dog-friendly, so if you want, you can easily bring your furry friend along for an extra dose of inspiration.


Image courtesy of Wi+CoWork

Image courtesy of Wi+CoWork

Image courtesy of Wi+CoWork

Image courtesy of Wi+CoWork

As you approach 2502 La Branch Street and the cozy-looking blue dwelling that dominates the lot, you might get a feeling of familiarity. The inviting vibes don’t stop there, thanks to the welcoming staff and the functionally-designed interior of the coworking space, all set on meeting your every need.

The office’s prime location is highly cherished by workers, mainly due to its proximity to restaurants, cafes, the business and the museum districts. The affordable membership fees are also extremely appreciated, since Wi+CoWork offers some of the most competitive prices in all of Houston. The beautifully-renovated coworking hub provides established desks to remote workers, as well as private container suites for 6-7 people, perfect for small startup businesses. The professional atmosphere, the impeccable amenities, the high-tech equipment and the vibrant, productive ambiance attract a diverse crowd which might well inspire you in your daily tasks.

The Work Well

Image courtesy of The Work Well

Image courtesy of The Work Well

This newly-opened coworking center at 13100 Wortham Center Drive aims at providing office space in the lacking Highway 290 corridor. It’s the ideal place for small business owners and independent workers living in the north-western periphery of the city, who don’t want to sit in traffic in order to reach the business district.

The Work Well offers over 70 private offices, along with plenty of coworking spaces designed to channel your inner productivity and creativity at all times. With regular networking events, guest speaker appearances, growth seminars and other collaborative programs, you can broaden your horizons and keep on learning from like-minded individuals boasting diverse expertise. Providing flexible schedules and varied membership packages, chances are that you’ll find the optimal setting for yourself and your business.

The CoWork Lab

Image courtesy of The CoWork Lab

Image courtesy of The CoWork Lab

Located in the Greater Heights of Houston, at 2500 Yale Street B, this modern and somewhat minimalist coworking space is a real gem. Situated between a handful of restaurants, fast food joints and cafes, you’ll have everything at your disposal in this particular area of Space City.

The CoWork Lab is famed for its simplistic, yet elegant interior and top quality equipment offered to its members. With a wide variety of membership options, ranging from basic coworking perks to full-on event space packages, it boasts professional opportunities to not only remote workers, but also to small companies as well. Non-members can organize conferences in a professional meeting room, while freelancers can gain access to all the coffee they can handle to help spike their creativity.


Part of the vibrant and artsy East End of Houston, Headquarters offers a lively base for you and your business. Located at 3302 Canal Street, the coworking hub lies in the vicinity of some excellent restaurants, charming breweries, urban parks and other exciting places where you can take a break from your demanding job.

But since you’re probably here to do some work, you might find the interior of Headquarters inspiring and practical at the same time. With the possibility of 24/7 access to all members, you can easily ditch the grueling 9 to 5 schedule and do your job when your creativity level reaches its peak. The on-site private parking, the generous courtyard with outdoor seating, the fully-equipped kitchen and the meticulously-furnished conference rooms will all contribute to a productive day at the office.


A different kind of coworking space, TXRX Labs stands out from the crowd thanks to its quirky programs, fun classes and interesting membership packages. It is located east of Downtown Houston, at 205 Roberts Street, near restaurants and cafes.

From mural painting workshops to woodworking classes and laser cutting seminars, you can be sure that all creative activities are highly encouraged here. You can immerse yourself in the fine art of welding, learn the ins and outs of jewelry-making or study the basics of milling in one of the many funky workshops organized here year-round. In order to become a member of the tribe, you need to take a few classes and master the basics of your chosen craft, after which you can gain access to the labs and all the equipment which comes with it. Your work here will surely be appreciated and you’ll be encouraged to unleash your innermost creative ideas and turn them into reality.

Station Houston

A force to reckon with when it comes to tech entrepreneurship, the Station Houston should be on the list of all techies in the area. Located in the heart of the central business district, at 1301 Fannin Street, this hub is much more than a place to set up camp for your job. It provides not only a well-equipped office for its members, but also features personalized mentorship programs to newbie freelancers and startup companies alike.

The continuously-held community events, growth workshops, educational programs and startup gigs offer independent workers and small companies a unique chance to expand their business knowledge. Here you’ll meet entrepreneurs from many different backgrounds and specializations, all sharing the same vision as you: to grow and broaden one’s expertise.

North Houston Executive Suites

Those in search of a fancier, more elegant base for their small businesses should consider the charming North Houston Executive Suites. Conveniently located in the northern part of the city, at 100 Glenborough Drive, this is the perfect place for anyone who wants to avoid the daily heavy traffic near Downtown Houston.

Impress your most important clients by scheduling a meeting in one of the classically-designed executive offices in the building. Treat yourself to a posh desk in the open-concept office set up for independent workers to thrive in their job and mingle with like-minded solopreneurs. Although the prices might not be as budget-friendly as in other coworking offices, the high-end features and the top quality equipment might be worth the splurge.

The Cannon

Advertising themselves as Houston’s Campus for entrepreneurs, The Cannon is quite an impressive coworking hub, aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. Situated at 1336 Brittmoore Road in northwestern Houston, the building can be found in the proximity of shops, restaurants and parks where you can enjoy a short break during your workday.

Whether you’re looking for a casual desk space to visit occasionally or a more permanent seat for yourself and your team, The Cannon has got you covered. Don’t overlook the community membership, because it ensures you complimentary access to all the insightful events and conferences held by the enthusiastic staff, where you can learn a lot about how to take your business even further. And just when you’re getting tired of the long work day, the personnel of this coworking space is there to remind you of the fun things in life with the help of a friendly game of poker.


Located outside the Downtown Houston core, towards the western periphery of the city, Workflourish promises a distinct coworking space offering the most user-friendly amenities imaginable. Part of a large apartment complex at 150 West Sam Houston Parkway, it can be found in a spacious and airy building boasting walls of windows and letting in plenty of natural light.

With four different membership packages, this coworking hub offers appealing opportunities for both freelancing individuals as well as larger teams from startup businesses. The vibrant common lounges, the fully-equipped kitchen, the effective work desks and the professional conference rooms are all designed to help make your day as productive as possible. Once you’ve completed your tasks, enjoy some quality downtime by playing ping-pong with a co-worker or challenging yourself to a workout session in the fitness center, both activities being included in the Dedicated and Suite membership packages.

Avalon Suites

With an advantageous location at 580 San Felipe Street, the Avalon Suites lies in the vicinity of grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries and cafes. Developed with small and growing businesses in mind, the co-working space is ideal not only as a permanent base for your entrepreneurial endeavors, but can also serve as a place where you can meet with your most highly-regarded clients.

One of the best things about Avalon Suites is its flexibility, which extends to its membership packages as well. You can tailor your membership access options to your needs and goals, with the possibility of adding some a la carte services such as video conferencing and administrative services. The high quality amenities offered by the coworking hub have attracted a diverse crowd of professionals who may well inspire you as you carry out your daily tasks.

Fruition Technology Labs

Concluding our list is another unique coworking space, with Humanity-Focused Innovation claiming the spotlight. This theme ensures a gathering of like-minded individuals, aspiring business owners and individual workers all interested in subjects like Robotics, Education, Information Technology and Alternative Energy.

Fruition Technology Labs is located just south of Downtown Houston, at 7505 South Fwy, close to a major transportation node. It boasts a well-equipped working environment made up of open coworking spaces, computer labs and spacious conference rooms. Still, the greatest asset of the hub is its mentorship program, providing insightful knowledge of different specializations–something you should definitely sign up for!

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