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Effective Strategies to Make the Most of the Space in Your Home

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There is always that need to maximize the space in your home whether you live in a large or small house. You can achieve this through manipulating home accessories such as lighting, furniture and mirrors, among other things. Your office may similarly be a bit busy, especially if it’s an office space in Manhattan or other high-density areas. The good thing is that you do not need a large budget to execute this plan. You only need to get good general contractors where you need to construct anything. Here are four strategies that you can adopt to make the most of your living space:

1. Declutter your home

Clutter often leaves your home untidy and disorganized. So, if you wish to set yourself free and utilize your space properly, you better declutter! When you have collected a lot of junk over the years you might not know where to begin, but here are tips to help you get rid of clutter:

  • Decluttering is a process and you should start immediately and build momentum as you go along.
  • Ensure that you give two or more items that you do not use daily to Goodwill so that you clear your home fast.
  • Give away clothes that you no longer wear to make more room in your closet.
  • Make a decluttering checklist to visualize your strategy as it will help you stay on track.
  • Apply the 12-12-12 challenge where you identify 12 items to donate, 12 to throw away, and 12 that need to return to their proper place.
  • Ensure that you take before and after photos of your space as they will encourage you to keep going.
  • Get assistance from your friends or family members as they will give you perspective on things that you do not want to let go of.

2. Organize your home space in zones

Making the most of your space at times means that you have to make a room have multiple purposes. Instead of just throwing items around, you need to make sections within a room to define various zones, make them functional, and organized. For example, when you have a large living room, you can divide it into a dining area, TV space, and a play area for your kids if you have any. The beauty of dividing this room into such sections is that it will be easy for you to entertain. You can be cooking in the kitchen while overlooking your living room where you engage your guests as children play in their little corner. You can do the same for your bedroom or guest bedroom by setting up a bed at one corner and an office desk at the other. It just takes your creativity to make space work for you.

3. Maximizing your office space

Office organization has a crucial importance in work performance – employees need to have a tidy and comfortable space in order to be productive. If it’s your office space that feels overcluttered, here’s what you can do. One possible way to make the most of your office space is adding shelves where you can keep folders, books or important notes. Another way could be to choose storage systems that are in similar fashion with the style and size of your office, where you can leave either work-related items or personal ones. Having documents organized saves you a lot of time therefore it is worthwhile to invest in maximizing your office space. 

4. Make the most of your closet space at home

This strategy is ideal when you are working with a small space that lacks substantial storage. Whether you have a permanent or temporary closet, there is always a hack to maximize its space. For example, you can fit in a dresser beneath hanging clothes so that you store extra items that seem to be lacking space. However, this will only work by first taking out the clothes that you do not wear anymore as explained above. You also need to add some lighting so that items are visible. You can also put-up hooks on the doors of your closet to hang your bags or mini shelves to put your stilettos as well. Additionally, you can turn your entry pantry into a closet and fit in shelves to carry the weight of the items that you want- whether clothes or toys.

5. Carefully pick items that you allow in your home

It is easy to walk at the store and just buy items because they look pretty or you have seen them in your friend’s house and you think you want them. Well, before you swipe out your card, you better ask yourself whether you will use the items that you want to buy. Also, assess whether they will add any value to your space. Lastly, think about where you will keep them. Well, if you have affirmative responses to all three queries, get those items. If not, pass by that aisle like you didn’t see them!


Make the most of your living space by getting rid of clutter, organizing your space functional sections, maximizing your closet, and refraining from impulse buying. That is how you use space like a pro!


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