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Flexible Work With Your Furry Friend: 50+ Most Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces in the U.S.

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For many pet owners, the workday can be a struggle. Leaving our furry companions at home can be heartbreaking, and doggy daycare costs can quickly add up. Conversely, although remote work offers the flexibility to stay home with your pet, it can also lack the social interaction and collaborative spirit of a traditional office.

But, what if you could have the best of both worlds? Enter pet-friendly coworking spaces — innovative work environments that cater to the needs of both remote workers and their beloved animals. In these spaces, you’ll get a dedicated workspace to focus and be productive as you’re surrounded by other professionals. However, unlike many traditional offices, these spaces welcome your furry coworker with open arms.

Notably, this rise in pet-friendly coworking spaces aligns with a growing trend. According to the American Pet Products Association, approximately 66% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to more than 86 million homes. Of course, many of these animals were adopted during the pandemic, when remote work became the norm. Now, as pet owners seek flexible work options and third spaces, like coworking environments, they want their furry companions to continue being part of their daily lives.

Why Pets & Coworking Make a Perfect Match

Forget the water cooler chats. In today’s work landscape, furry friends are becoming the secret weapon to boost well-being and, for pet owners, the advantages extend beyond simple companionship. For instance, daily walks with your canine companion ensure that both of you get exercise, but research reveals even greater benefits. In fact, pets have a well-established ability to reduce stress and improve work/life balance, effectively combating the isolation that can plague remote work.

The good news is that these perks seamlessly translate to pet-friendly coworking spaces. That’s because you can enjoy your pet’s presence throughout the workday, while also reaping the additional benefits of a collaborative environment. What’s more, the advantages extend to everyone: Just interacting with friendly dogs in a coworking space can boost your mood; provide a welcome break; and even spark conversations with colleagues, leading to a stronger sense of community.

However, while pet-friendly coworking spaces offer a wealth of perks, there are also some key considerations to keep in mind. So, before packing your furry friend’s travel essentials, let’s also explore these points to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Finding the Right Fit for You & Your Furry Friend

Pet-friendly coworking spaces offer a variety of amenities for your furry friend, ranging from comprehensive care to more self-managed options. Understanding these differences is key in selecting a space that caters to both your productivity needs and your pet’s well-being.

The good news is we’ve done the groundwork by identifying more than 50 of the top pet-friendly coworking spaces across the U.S., categorized by region. Plus, to make your search even easier, we’ll also highlight some of these spaces and their unique features that make bringing your furry friend to work a breeze. Keep reading to find the perfect fit for you and your pet.

Why Dogs Rule the Roost (But, Don’t Worry, Other Pets Are Welcome, Too)

Before you ask why all the pet love seems to be focused on dogs, it’s simply because they’re the most likely pet to accompany a coworker to their pet-friendly coworking space of choice. And, as the most commonly owned pet in the U.S., it’s also a numbers game with 65 million canine residents calling American homes their own. Add in their social nature and their connection with people and it’s easy to see why many pet-friendly coworking spaces have gone out of their way to cater to dogs specifically. That said, while there might be a focus on dogs in terms of play areas or amenities, other pets are likely just as welcome.

Tail-Wagging Workdays: Unique Pet Experiences at Coworking Spaces

Forget the lonely bowl at home. Coworking spaces are increasingly catering to our furry friends. For instance, in St. Louis, you can unleash your pup’s creativity alongside yours at Nebula, where vending machine dog treats keep them happy while you conquer your workload. Or, if you’re seeking Zen with your furry companion, The Wilderness Fitness & Coworking in Minnesota offers calming yoga sessions perfect for both human and (well-behaved) canine yogis. Of course, social butterflies aren’t left out, either: Seven-Co’s happy hour in Troy, Mich., creates a space for furry and human coworkers to unwind after a productive day.

But, pet-friendly perks go beyond basic amenities. To that end, Boxyard RTP in North Carolina boasts a dedicated dog park with separate areas for large and small pups, thereby ensuring playtime fun for all sizes. They even host a monthly Bark & Bond social, which is a gathering for you and your dog. On the opposite coast, Work Collective in Bend, Ore., caters to the adventurous spirit by offering easy access to nearby trails that are perfect for hikes with your dog or a quick stroll to Discovery Park Dog Park.

Otherwise, for unparalleled flexibility, Work & Woof in Austin, Texas, lets your pet accompany you for the workday or enjoy supervised playtime with half-day and full-day options available (following a mandatory dog evaluation). Of course, clear expectations ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Likewise, Co-Hoots in Phoenix upholds high standards for a “dog-friendly” environment by emphasizing leash usage and appropriate behavior, as well as minimizing disruptive barking.

As you might expect, the pet-friendly ethos often extends beyond written policies. As an example, Jackie Akerberg, head collaborator at Collaborate DSM in Des Moines, Iowa, is committed to animal welfare. Demonstrated through years of volunteering with local shelters, this translates into a warm and inclusive space for canine colleagues.

Lastly, some workspaces are simply too beautiful not to share with your pet, like BoxJelly in Honolulu. It offers ample natural light and brilliant views over Ala Moana Beach Park, creating an ideal setting for both you and your pet to focus and thrive.

Of course, this is just a taste of the many pet-friendly experiences available at coworking spaces. Whether you’re seeking social interaction for your furry friend, a scenic escape for you both, or just a space that welcomes all members of the family (furry or otherwise), there’s a coworking space out there that’s the perfect fit.

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