10 architecture firms for office space in Austin

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10 Architecture Firms That Design Austin Office Space

In today’s article, we’re taking a tour of the finest architecture firms in the Texan capital, which specialize in sketching and constructing office buildings. These Austin office space gurus have made an impact on the local architecture scene, not only by perpetually coming up with clever designs and appealing layouts but also by landing some high-profile clients in the process. All 10 companies boast impressive portfolios and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Check out 10 amazing Austin-based architecture firms currently designing chic office spaces, and learn all about their most notable projects:

Chioco Design

Founded in 2005 by Jamie Chico, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s School of Architecture, Chioco Design has nearly 20 years of experience in designing contemporary spaces with functionality in mind. Their diverse team is made up of individuals with vast experience in other creative backgrounds, such as ceramics, furniture design, and even fashion. The company does not only specialize in designing office buildings but has a diverse portfolio of residential units, restaurants, retail spaces and even educational projects such as dormitories and school lobbies under their belt.

The firm’s philosophy proclaims that the architect, client, and contractor all need to work together as a team to make passion projects a reality. One of Chioco Design’s most impressive accomplishments to date is the Austin office of the power-generating giant Invenergy, an impeccably designed 1,980-square-foot space that perfectly represents the company’s professional field of work.


A global giant with a headquarters in San Diego and a designated office in Austin, Gensler is among the top collaborative design companies in the world. The Austin branch of the massive firm lives up to the company’s acclaimed reputation, continuously scoring a wide range of top clients. They have contributed to the Sakintos Embassy Theatre, the Condé Nast Digital Innovation Center, the Sonesta Bee Cave Hotel and the Austin-Bergstorm International Airport’s expansion, among others.

NVIDIA’s office relocation to Austin was taken up by the local Gensler firm and customized after a thorough analysis of their Santa Clara office. In harmony with the company’s culture, which based its work ethic on collaborative groups, the NVIDIA Austin bureau was designed as a 100% flexible office space, with low-paneled workstations, centralized gathering rooms and small work nooks scattered around.

GSC Architects

A veteran in its field, GSC Architects first opened its doors way back in 1978, having over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the interior design and architecture industry. The company’s philosophy separates projects into four different areas: learning, working, healing and living environments.

GSC’s tireless aim to excel at every challenge they take on has been evidenced by various awards, including the prestigious “Firm Achievement Award” provided by the Austin Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the highest recognition of its kind. The company’s redesigning of the WeWork offices at University Park and 600 Congress was one of its most recent projects garnering high praise, thanks to the expert craftsmanship, fantastic use of natural light, exhaustive eye for detail and overall gorgeous, contemporary layout.


Describing themselves as an interior architecture firm creating functional and innovative environments, lauckgroup was founded in 1984, with a head office in Dallas and two additional locations in Austin and Houston. The privately-held company has excelled in the wide variety of projects they’ve tackled over the past 35 years, designing and reimagining office spaces, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, buildings within the higher education sector as well as hospitality and retail spaces.

Their collaboration with the Austin HomeAway office resulted in an impeccable and stylish outcome, incorporating rustic materials like wood, raw limestone and steel without compromising its exceptionally airy and bright layout.

Mark Odom Studio

Mark Odom Studio stands out from the crowd of Austin-based architecture firms by continuously taking on projects boasting unique requirements and intriguing, often challenging details, in line with the client’s particular vision. The company was founded in 2004 and aims at pursuing an in-depth relationship with customers, which they believe is key in understanding the concept and providing great results.

Their take on Bumble Headquarters’ exceptional building was drawn with the influence of the 1960’s architectural style in mind. The designers incorporated hexagon elements at every turn, tastefully decorating both the building’s exterior and interior with the company’s baseline continuously emphasized throughout.

Matt Fajkus Architecture

One of the youngest architecture firms on our list, Matt Fajkus Architecture has quickly placed itself among the top companies of its kind in Austin. Their innovative ideas, practical use of energy-efficient strategies and intelligent material choices have catapulted the firm among the most notable ones in the industry.

Their work on the Westlake Dermatology Building located in Marble Falls, Texas is particularly outstanding, with its strategic location, abundant use of floor-to-ceiling windows and optimal design with the main scope of providing top quality patient care.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

The Michael Hsu Office of Architecture was founded in 2005 with the aim of designing and constructing buildings with locals in mind and without overlooking the importance of creating neighborhood-oriented urban spaces and livable areas along the way. The firm’s policy corroborates with collaborative efforts which usually include local artists, artisans and craftsmen.

The company’s other goal is providing sustainable elements in a cost-effective way, within the limits of the building site and the client’s budget. To further emphasize the company philosophy, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture actually brought together all the fantastic local creatives under the roof of their very own custom-built community, the Canopy.


The most long-standing company in the industry, Page was founded a whopping 121 years ago, in 1898, and has been a leading architectural firm ever since. With its headquarters in Washington, Page also has additional offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and Denver and a team of over 400 experienced professionals to work with.

The large team of architects, engineers, designers, strategic analysts and technical specialists have all worked together to offer a wide range of services to clients, from formulating urban housing projects to building hospitals. They are the ones who have designed the vibrant TechSpace Coworking hub in Downtown Austin, boasting a vibrant interior, modern furnishings and clever use of space.

Sixthriver Architects

Austin-based Sixthriver is never satisfied with the simplicity of things and objects, but rather encourages its clients to keep an open mind when visualizing a project. The privately-held company was established in 1994 and has over 25 years of experience in the domain, along with plenty of successful collaborations not only in the Texas capital, but all around the United States.

Their gorgeous styling of the Chaotic Moon Studios is a real treat with anyone having a knack for sleek design. The firm’s use of simplistic, yet functional furniture, modern décor and nature-inspired finishes match each other exquisitely and further emphasize the open, airy office spaces.

STG Design Inc.

Concluding our list is STG Design Inc., a dynamic architecture, interior design and planning firm, which has managed to keep up with the fast-paced changes of the industry throughout its 43 years of existence. The company boasts nearly 100 knowledgeable employees in its Austin, Nashville and Houston offices, ready to tackle your wildest design projects.

The firm specializes not only in office space designs, but also in multi-family homes, arts and community centers, education facilities, healthcare units and mixed-use buildings. Their elegant take on the Austin Board of Realtors HQ should be admired inside and out, with its impeccable use of wood-paneled walls, matching furniture and practical employment of oversized windows throughout.

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