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10 Ways to Have More Fun in the Office

Although the word “fun” isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the office, every company would do well to consider it. A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere at the workplace can increase employee happiness and willingness to do a good job on any given project. Fun office vibes also boost the overall productivity of staff members, which can yield more positive results when tasks are completed. But what exactly can you do to ensure a lively, enjoyable ambiance at work?

Here are 10 awesome ways you can create a fun atmosphere in the office:

1. Have a game room

A colorfully decorated room with a ping-pong table, a darts board or even a TV can do wonders for the daily routine of your employees. Everyone needs a break every now and then from their demanding tasks, and what better way to forget about difficult projects than to play a few games? It is quite likely that after a short but invigorating break, employees will return to their jobs somewhat refreshed and way more active.

2. Encourage competition

A little competition brings out the best in people and can add a healthy dose of rivalry to the workplace. Organize a tournament with a set goal in mind, and maybe even give out a few interesting prizes at the end to lift everybody’s spirits. You might be surprised at how much more motivated and productive your peers will become before they even realize it!

3. Celebrate!

Commemorate some noteworthy occasions and celebrate important milestones on a regular basis to show your appreciation of your employees. Praise them for their personal achievements and throw small office parties for them on their birthdays—you could even surprise them (in a good way!) when they reach a certain number of years employment with the company.

4. Volunteer together for a good cause

One of the best feelings that can be had together with colleagues and employees comes from organizing or participating in charitable events. Whether you volunteer at your local soup kitchen, plant a few trees or distribute gifts to sick children, these small but significant activities will surely raise everybody’s spirits and provide an extra dose of happiness all round.

5. Organize regular team building activities

Introducing regular team building activities, such as workshops, daily challenges or even scavenger hunts can also be a great way to make a regular work day stand out. Make sure all these activities are done in teams, because this way coworkers can get to know each other better, something that will come in handy when they need to work together in groups.

6. Have lunch together

There’s no better way for your coworkers to get to know each other than eating at the same table. To create a fun atmosphere at lunch, challenge your employees to prepare something for their colleagues. You can actually make a tradition out of this and have a special day when you delegate a different employee every week to prepare something nice for everyone. This way you have a bit of competition going on while also eating a variety of different types of food.

7. Schedule fun time after hours

Similarly to sharing meals together, Happy Hour can also be a great time when everyone unwinds after completing their daily tasks and enjoys a drink or two. You can make a tradition out of this outing as well, going out for drinks a few times a month, since this way everyone can get to know each other in an informal and stress-free setting.

8. Exercise together

Many studies have shown that one of the worst enemies of office workers is all the sitting at a desk that they do. To avoid future health problems, why not contribute to the wellbeing of your employees by challenging them to exercise daily? This can be done by taking regular exercise breaks at work, when every hour or so everyone just stands up and either takes a walk, does some push-ups or does 10 minutes of jumping rope. You can also provide them with complimentary gym memberships to encourage an active lifestyle.

9. Support hobbies and side projects

One of the greatest ways to showcase that you truly value the skills of your employees is by showing support for their hobbies, interests and even side projects. This way they will feel appreciated, which results in a much better general mood, as well as a boost in creativity at the workplace.

10. Get an office dog

Studies have shown that bringing pets to the workplace not only ensures a general state of happiness, but has a wide range of benefits. It helps reduce stress, nurtures productivity and helps maintain a good overall work-life balance. Just make sure that both your office workers and their pets enjoy a healthy, safe and hygienic environment at the shared work space!

These are just a few simple things you can do to provide a more relaxed and interesting workspace for yourself, your employees and your colleagues. Always remember that a fun environment helps keep employees happy, which then results in them being productive people who are not counting the minutes until they can leave the office.

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