The Best Team-Building Companies in the US

All organizations aim at achieving the best possible results. While many factors may affect an organization’s performance, two of the most crucial are employee input and coordination. Organizations whose employees are well coordinated will often post better results. One way that organizations can foster better coordination is by improving teamwork. There are several organizations that offer team-building solutions ranging from conventional outdoor team-building to other unique indoor activities designed to promote teamwork while developing vital skills.

Here are 21 of the most reputable team-building companies in the U.S.

Adventure Associates

Delivering its services across the country, Adventure Associates specializes in team building, retreats and corporate training services that guarantees your team a memorable and impactful team building experience. The company has formulated different programs such as The Big Seek Scavenger Hunt, Trail Venture, and an Out-Of-The-Box escape room game. These programs will excite your team while engaging them in unique team building experiences that enable them to give back to society through charity events.

Corporate training events by Adventure Associates focus on promoting the development of your team’s essential skills such as leadership, strategic management, and better communication. You also get to choose from programs that combine team-building and corporate training for a wholesome experience.

Atlanta Challenge

Located in Atlanta, Atlanta Challenge, LLC, is a local company that seeks to help teams improve their communication, morale and teamwork skills in a fun and engaging way. It offers team building services to corporations around Georgia, and across the U.S. The company prides itself in offering competitive prices and a clear outline of their programs, hence making it easier for you to choose most suitable programs for your team-building activities.

Atlanta Challenge also provides team building services for different group sizes. Clients with small groups of between 5 to 50 members, medium groups of 50 to 200 members, or even larger groups with up to 2,000 members are well taken care of. You can easily access rates on their website so you don’t have to ask for a price quote.

Best Corporate Events

Offering its team building services to any part of the U.S without travel costs, Best Corporate Events is a great choice for customized team building programs. They apply different technological techniques for participants to enjoy a team-building experience. The company also specializes in organizing different corporate events including staff parties, charity events, corporate social events and programs that promote the development of essential skills for employees.

Best Corporate Events prides itself in having handled events for some of the best-performing companies in the country. With experienced facilitators and program specialists, your team is assured of a tailored program that will meet your organization’s desired results.

Chelsea Piers

Based in New York, Chelsea Piers is another company that facilitates team-building activities for its clients across New York and Stamford, Connecticut. The company provides the most suitable place for team members to engage in up to 25 different sports activities. Their team building programs incorporate sport through different sporting tournaments for different age groups. They also maintain a workout club for members to engage in interactive activities to keep fit. Additionally, they organize social events for individuals to socialize and network. Sports lovers can also be treated with different sports gift-cards and items.

Great Results

Great Results promises a significant improvement in business performance through seamless employee coordination. The team-building programs they execute aim at improving employee cooperation, which in turn improve employee output. You are at liberty to choose from many team-building activities, which can be customized to suit your firm’s objectives. Additional services include facilitating motivational keynote addresses, customized workshops, and private mentorship programs that target specific employees. Their formulated follow-up programs help teams sustain the benefits they acquire from the team-building activities.

Hal’s Kitchen

As its name suggests, Hal’s Kitchen takes on a much more unique approach to team-building by engaging different teams with cooking contest, which seeks to determine the most qualified teams. For example, their Top Secret kitchen challenge introduces secret ingredients just before cooking starts and should be included in the menu. Your teams will be judged on creativity, taste, presentation and incorporating the unknown ingredient. Pricing starts at $110 per participant.

The kitchen experience not only promotes team cooperation, but also creativity, and Hal’s Kitchen supports corporate social responsibility. The cuisine prepared during the team-building experience can be packed and donated to deserving communities, enabling employees to give back to society actively.


Innerwork’s team building services aim to accelerate positive change in your workplace. As an internationally recognized management consulting as well as a training company, InnerWork facilitates leadership development programs and organizes conferences for their clients across the country. They have pioneered and implemented more than 1,500 extremely interactive conferences, retreats, and organizational meetings. Engaging their qualified and passionate consultants, coaches and facilitators for your team building requirements results in remarkable operational and financial improvement for your organization.

Mastermind Escape Games

Mastermind Escape Games is an entertainment firm that specializes in escape gaming, a developing form of reality gaming that incorporates scene simulation. The company has incorporated elements of escape gaming into team building. These team building exercises are not only an ideal activity that your team can engage in during work breaks, but they also promote employee synergy.

Their team building programs subject team members to a high-pressure environment where they have to work together thus promoting cooperation among them. The cooperation that is built as employees engage in the game can be applied at their workplaces, hence improving employee output while boosting business performance. Mastermind Escape Games delivers its services across Augusta, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Overland Park, KS; Peachtree City, GA; Sandy Springs, GA, and Schaumburg, IL.

Museum Hack

With services spanning across NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Boston, Museum Hack services incorporate a unique concept to their team building programs. Their team-building activities are conducted in most popular museums around the country. Activities include scavenger hunts workshops and women in leadership forums. The team-building activities improve not only employee synergy, but also increase their appreciation of local and international museum exhibitions.

Outback Team Building & Training

Outback Team Building and Training is another company that offers team building services across the country. Trusted by top corporations in the U.S, the company is an outstanding resource for reliable, flexible, and efficient employee training, team building, and professional development programs. It offers team building activities as well as training and counseling services for a satisfying learning experience.

You get to select from many programs which incorporate outdoor activities, affordable mobile-based activities for virtual learning and team building experience, or training sessions facilitated by professionals, all tailored to suit your team’s specific tastes or preferences.

Philly Hops

Providing corporate team building activities, events and workshops, Philly Hops delivers quality team building services and noteworthy leadership development. They ensure your team members build trust and openly communicate by breaking unfamiliarity and geography barriers. Their services are available in different areas including Baltimore, Morristown, New York, North Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Princeton, NJ, and Washington DC.

You get to choose from their wide range of outdoor and indoor team-building activities including treasure hunts and culinary experiences. These activities do not only help with team development but also promote the development of certain individual skills while remaining fun and interactive.

Rock Paper Team

The Rock Paper Team is a New York-based company which offers team-building programs. Their services are currently available only in New York and the company offers a wide range of team building activities including charity events, culinary events, game shows, interactive training workshops, as well as art and craft activities. Therefore, based on your specific organizational objectives, you can choose an activity that suits your team. In addition to their team-building services, they also cater for social events such as weddings.

Small Group Team Building

Currently available in Florida and Georgia, Small Group Team Building boasts of over 30 years of experience in the team building industry. While the company initially focused on small teams, they have since evolved to accommodating larger groups while incorporating custom themes or charitable elements to their team-building programs.

You get to choose from different team building programs, which include your normal team building activities, adventures and other team building activities that incorporate elements of technology. Their wealth of experience warrants your team the top-notch services and excellent team-building experience.


Teambonding boasts of more than 80 team-building programs that can be customized for your team. Their more than 50 locally-based facilitators apply proven and tested human behavior principles to teams of different shapes and sizes. The company offers team-building services across the U.S and continues to set the bar for entertaining, effective and memorable corporate team-building games, events, and activities.

You get to choose from a range of team-building programs under different categories including live-action and escape games, innovation labs, culinary activities, and holiday outings. Team building activities vary in length and can accommodate from at least 8 members all the way up to 4,000. Teambonding also offers event planning services for different corporate functions and events.

Team Building Food Tours

Exhausted by less-inspiring events such as bowling or go-karting? Team Building Food Tours has something unique! Taking on a more creative approach to teams building, Team Building Food Tours organizes fun activities for members of your team to engage in and bond over at affordable rates. Among the activities that clients can choose from include, exclusive food tours, cooking classes, or even your own custom event at a location of your choice.

The company seeks to move away from the usual team-building activities to more engaging activities, that appeal to a wider range of participants. Team Building Food Tours services are available in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Baltimore, New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Miami.

Team Building with Taste

Based in Dallas, Texas and offering team building services in Atlanta and Dallas, Team Building with Taste incorporates a culinary experience into their team-building program. The company offers three culinary team-building programs with a unique set of recipes for team members to choose from. Their programs – Team Building with Taste, Taste of innovation and Cooking Up Camaraderie – will transform your team into top performing employees.

Team Building with Taste also offers some of the most affordable rates per team member. Their culinary experience contains different elements, making it an ideal team-building exercise. Whether you’re searching for a basic activity for your team that involves food, or an actual cooking team-building workshop, there is a possibility that one of three Team Building with Taste’s culinary programs will meet your team needs and budget.

Team Builders Plus

Boasting over 25 years’ experience in the field, Team Builders Plus is one of the top, and currently the largest, companies offering team building services across the U.S. Since its establishment, Team Builders Plus has continuously formulated innovative programs including the 2012 Taking Flight Program which has been described as the most effective DISC program.

If you are out to get a team session that is fun as well as developmental, Team Samurai, Harmonia or Intergalactic Adventure may be exactly what you are looking for. With programs catering for groups of 20 to 500+ participants, Team Builders Plus has held events in nearly all states in the country and is recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Companies.


Formerly UNiREC, TeamUnity is a team building company whose services are available across the country. For team-building, TeamUnity employs various indoor and outdoor activities, which are not only fun but also promote individual learning and development. In addition to organizing interactive team building workshops and game shows, TeamUnity also provides different entertaining programs such as mechanical rides, inflatables, music, and photography. The range of interesting and engaging activities sets TeamUnity apart from many other team building companies.  For example, its food-trucks-4-fun program engages teams in preparing appetizers using recipes given.


Based in New York and Southern California, TrivWorks leverages nearly a decade of specialized and professional experience in corporate trivia event-production, corporate team building, and customized trivia game shows. They take on a different approach to organizing and executing team-building activities nationwide, thereby becoming an industry leader in collaborative and entertaining team trivia events. The trivia consists of a round of questions lasting between one to two hours.

If you are seeking to reward your hardworking employees, encourage teamwork, boost morale or entertain your loyal clients, TrivWorks guarantees you fun, engaging and collaborative events. It also facilitates live trivia for different corporate events including staff events, conventions, fundraising events, and meetings.

Ultimate Escape Game

Presently offering its services in Atlanta and Georgia, Ultimate Escape Game is a team-building services company that aims at improving employee’s synergy and cooperation, thus improving your firm’s performance output. Activities are conducted in well-maintained rooms where individuals of different age groups can participate and enjoy. Ultimate Escape Game prides itself in being the most affordable yet effective team-building exercise company. Short sessions of their team-building programs can still make a significant impact on your team members work performance.


Offering its services across the country and even the UK, Wildgoose is a trusted team building services company. In addition to the usual outdoor team building activities, the company also offers indoor activities and organized scavenger hunts in different locations, thus creating the perfect escape from work. As a leader in providing interactive scavenger hunts, Wildgoose delivers up to 2,000 unique, engaging and impressive scavenger hunts to over 50,000 participants annually. Among the company’s most effective programs is a murder mystery case where team members get to engage their detective skills to pass the definitive test.

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