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Top Tips for Choosing Management Software for Your Coworking Space

Running a coworking office can be complicated. Every day there are new questions to be answered, coworking amenities and services to evaluate, and problems to be solved. One of the things that can make life easier is having the right management software for your coworking business. Great coworking management software should help you efficiently manage the space and your members without being bloated with features that you’d never use.

Here are the best tips for choosing management software for your coworking space to make your coworking business run more efficiently and profitably.

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing Coworking Management Software

Before shopping for a coworking software management system and setting up demos it’s important to know what you’re looking for and why. Four key factors to consider before choosing coworking software for your business are:

Think of Your Members’ Needs as Well as Your Own

Focus on the needs of your members as well as your coworking business. Coworking software is a service that will affect the daily lives of your member community. Getting input from your members before you buy helps ensure that your coworking software solution will be right for everyone.

Will There Be a Smooth Transition to Your New Coworking Software?

If you’re in the process of launching a brand new coworking space, make sure your management software provider will have your system up and running before you open your doors for business. This lets you focus your energy on marketing your new coworking business and signing up new members instead of figuring out how to use your new software system.

For transitioning from an old to a new coworking software management system, ensure that your vendor has a reliable process to transfer your existing data to the new system.

Can You Integrate Other Tools With Your Coworking Management Software?

If you’re currently using apps and tools to run your coworking business, make sure they can be integrated with your new coworking software. Common coworking apps that improve workflow and help automate and scale up your business include booking calendars, Office 365, payment gateways, social media, and email services.

Will Your Software Provider Partner with You for the Long Term?

Avoid companies that look at you as a one-off sale rather than a long-term technology partner. Your coworking software vendor should have the same goals and visions for your growing business as you do. They should offer a top-notch help center and support staff and have a coworking management product that is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the coworking industry.

Main Features of Software for Managing Coworking Space

When selecting a software management package for your coworking business it pays to look for a system that offers a comprehensive suite of tools. There should be a focus on accessibility, increased productivity, customization, and community building.

The main features of software for managing a coworking space should always include:

  • Robust CRM functionality and lead management systems on a dedicated platform,
  • Tenant information automatically registered and accessible in a single place,
  • Invoicing and payment functions with automated tracking and issuing,
  • Seamless integration with existing merchant and billing applications and tools,
  • Proposal builder for easy contract creation including user-specific details and floor plans,
  • Booking calendar for easy self-service bookings that is accessible from the web and mobile devices,
  • Membership plans and packages customized for the unique needs of your coworking business,
  • KPI-based reporting features providing data to help make the most efficient use of your available coworking space,
  • Member portal that is community-focused making it easy for users to work and organize, collaborate and communicate.

One of the best examples of a comprehensive approach to coworking management is the KUBE coworking software platform. KUBE does an amazing job of integrating all the key aspects of managing a coworking business – including management of space and desk bookings, lead acquisitions, tenant billing, and an embedded communications platform – into a smart all-in-one coworking software solution.

How to Demo Coworking Management Software

Once you’ve narrowed down your options for purchasing management software for your coworking business you’ll want to try it before you buy it:

  • Choose the top three coworking management software solutions that best fit your needs and budget,
  • Spend one day a week experimenting with each coworking software package – keeping your demo timeframe short makes it easier to compare products back-to-back and remember the pros and cons of each,
  • Involve your business partners or key team members in your software demos and compare notes on each of your likes and dislikes,
  • Get feedback from your member community, because your new coworking software management system is for your users too.

Selecting the right management software for your coworking space isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, energy, and thoughtful consideration about your needs today and in the future as your scale up your coworking business. Following these tips for choosing the right software solution for your coworking business will let you spend your time and money wisely and help your coworking business thrive.

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