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Explore the Dynamic World of Commercial Real Estate with These Top Podcasts

In the fast-paced world of commercial real estate — where making informed decisions is crucial — we offer a handpicked selection of top-tier podcasts designed specifically for passionate commercial real estate enthusiasts. These podcasts offer expert insights, in-depth analyses and practical advice that are highly relevant to your interests. Whether you’re commuting, walking or jogging, these podcasts will be invaluable resources to enhance your understanding of the industry. Join us as we explore these podcasts that will empower you in the competitive field of commercial real estate.

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Dive into the world of U.S. commercial real estate with the highly regarded “America’s Commercial Real Estate Show” podcast. Hosted by the experienced Michael Bull, CCIM — a well-respected figure in the industry — this podcast provides valuable insights, in-depth analysis and engaging interviews. As such, it’s a must-listen for those who want to stay updated on commercial real estate, investing strategies and market dynamics. Recent episodes have explored the future of commercial real estate data technology, including the advancements in AI and large language models.

The Real Wealth Show

“The Real Wealth Show,” hosted by respected real estate investor and author Kathy Fettke, offers more than just real estate investing insights. Specifically, it delves into the world of commercial real estate, including multifamily properties. Fettke brings in industry experts, lending professionals, and seasoned investors to provide listeners with tips, strategies and firsthand experiences to help them make informed investment decisions.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

“The Real Estate Guys Radio Show” is a valuable resource for real estate investment knowledge. Hosted by experienced investors Robert Helms and Russell Gray since 1997, this podcast covers various topics within the industry. In particular, it explores strategies for different markets; specialized niches, like commercial and multifamily properties; financing options; tax implications; market analysis; and more. Esteemed experts also frequently appear as guests to provide insightful education and actionable guidance for investors at all levels. In a recent episode, the discussion focused on the evolving landscape of commercial lending, featuring notable guests like Anton Mattli from Peak Financing. The hosts also organize events like the New Orleans Investment Conference, thereby offering investors opportunities to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals.

The Weekly Take from CBRE

“The Weekly Take” from CBRE — a global leader in commercial real estate services — is a valuable resource for staying current with the ever-evolving commercial real estate market. This podcast features insights and analysis from experienced experts who are well-informed about the latest market trends. CBRE’s research-driven approach provides up-to-date information, including data-driven analyses, market reports and expert opinions. The podcast also offers predictions for future market trends, which can aid in strategic decision-making. With its global reach, this podcast is an indispensable resource for those interested in regional and global real estate markets. One recent episode, titled “South of the Border: Investment capital is flowing to Mexico’s industrial and hotel properties,” is particularly noteworthy.

Bigger Pockets

“Bigger Pockets” is a well-known podcast for real estate investing enthusiasts. Hosted by accomplished investors Brandon Turner and David Greene, the show covers a wide range of real estate topics, including strategies, tips and interviews with successful investors. However, what makes this podcast unique is its focus on practical advice, inspiring success stories and insights that resonate with listeners, regardless of their experience level. It’s also an excellent platform for learning from others’ experiences and gaining knowledge in various aspects of real estate investing. New episodes are released every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Bisnow Reports

“Bisnow Reports” offers a podcast that covers a wide range of topics in commercial real estate. Known for its comprehensive coverage of news, events, and insightful discussions, Bisnow engages in conversations with industry experts, developers and investors. These interviews provide valuable insights into market trends, property types and investment strategies, making it an essential resource for industry enthusiasts. Recent guests on the podcast include Bill Rudin, CEO of Rudin; Richard Barkham from CBRE; and Jamie Hodari from Industrious, who joined the podcast on a recent episode discussing the “branding” of the office.


To gain a comprehensive understanding of commercial real estate, structured finance and banking, listen to the “TreppWire” podcast. Hosted by Trepp’s editorial team, this weekly podcast includes interviews with industry experts and covers the latest market news. Since its launch in 2019, the podcast has released more than 200 episodes offering valuable insights into the industry’s dynamics and trends. Stay informed with “TreppWire” and gain a competitive edge in the commercial real estate landscape.

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