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Why Corporations Are Hopping on the Coworking Bandwagon

In the age of remote and flexible working it might not come as a surprise that coworking hubs have started getting so much attention. But, contrary to popular belief, this type of workspace is frequented not only by solopreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few amazing benefits that coworking offices can offer to large corporations and their employees, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Here’s everything you need to know about this growing trend:

The shifting mindset of the workforce

In recent years the traditional office space and the cubicle has been getting quite a bad rap concerning the level of productivity they offer to employees. This and the growing number of millennials entering the work force, demanding more flexibility than ever, has created a new type of office space in the form of incubators and coworking hubs.

These boast not only shared offices, but also more private spaces with well-equipped meeting rooms and a generally congenial atmosphere which can increase creativity. Then there’s the collaborative aspect, encouraging get-togethers with like-minded entrepreneurs, which can sometimes lead to future business partnerships.

Some large corporations have recognized these features as something they could implement in their own office culture to help boost their employees’ work rate. Although it’s quite a new movement, a few big companies are already trying their luck and following suit, hoping to reap the benefits of the coworking culture themselves, which brings us to our next point:

Advantages of coworking offices for corporations

Besides the obvious perks of access to equipment, productive vibes and free snacks, there are a host of other advantages which corporations can gain from coworking hubs. One of them is that employees can interact, brainstorm and maybe receive inspiration from other individuals who don’t work at the same company or don’t even specialize in the same field. It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective on things and to see with new eyes, and this is more likely to happen in coworking offices.

Another great advantage has to do with cost-effectiveness. By turning to a coworking hub, a business doesn’t necessarily need to rent out an entire office, but can easily share it with one or more companies whilst still mostly having separate workspaces. Similarly to this, conference and meeting rooms won’t need to go unused for the majority of the workday, but can be rented out to others seeking a professional setting to meet up with clients or investors.

Seeing as how traditional offices are becoming a bit less common and remote workers are here to stay, a business might consider operating with remote employees only. The company can still keep up with its staff by organizing regular get-togethers in coworking offices or even hiring meeting rooms for the occasion. This has significant financial benefits, since corporations do not need to spend lavishly on a permanent office just for the sake of it, and thanks to their flexible mindset they may get a better return on their investment in their employees.

Corporations and large companies utilizing coworking offices also have an excellent chance to meet and recruit talented people from all backgrounds whom they can potentially hire for various projects in the future. They don’t even have to employ people on a long-term basis, just utilize project-based contracts which can come to an end once the project is completed. This flexibility offered by coworking hubs is beneficial for employees and employers alike.

Global brands embracing the coworking trend

A handful of global corporations have already recognized the value of using coworking hubs and are leading this new trend. IBM has partnered up with Galvanize’s New York base, whilst Microsoft has given a percentage of its employees access to WeWork’s offices. With such big names leading the pack, there’s no question that other corporations will quickly follow suit, demonstrating that even large companies can enjoy the undeniable advantages that coworking hubs offer.

As you can see, hopping on the coworking bandwagon can have a handful of benefits not only for freelancers and entrepreneurs, but for large corporations and their employees as well. Due to their focus on flexibility, productivity and collaborative opportunities, coworking hubs are understandably a booming sector in today’s business climate. However, before taking a leap of faith and following the trend, do a bit of soul-searching and decide whether or not your company culture is in need of a new direction and can better thrive by taking advantage of this new type of environment.

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