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Coworking and Introverts – Is It a Good Fit?

Coworking offices are fantastic places to not only get up to date with your projects and do some quality work, but also meet like-minded individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions with whom you can potentially form collaborations and future business partnerships. But while this sounds like paradise for business people who get a kick out of networking events and social gatherings, what about individuals who have an introverted personality?

Should they just avoid coworking hubs altogether and simply keep on working from home? Or is there a way for introverts to actually enjoy working at shared office spaces without feeling overwhelming pressure and anxiety because of their surroundings? There are a few tricks which we think can help tackle this issue with ease, but first let’s see what introverts are really like:

An introverted person’s characteristics

Contrary to popular belief, introversion does not completely equal shyness. Rather, an introverted person is usually someone who generally enjoys solitary activities and prefers to reflect on daily happenings quite often. They get energized by alone time and often need to recharge their “batteries” after demanding social encounters.

Introverted people don’t necessarily avoid interactions with others, but they do find comfort in tranquil environments. They tend to be quieter than their extroverted peers and are more likely to deeply think things over before speaking up. Introverts are not actually antisocial, they just have an established group of trusted friends and family members who they prefer to talk to over doing small-talk with strangers.

Advantages of joining a coworking hub as an introvert

Whilst introverts often need to make an effort to come out of their shell and join a coworking office, they will likely find the experience worthwhile and beneficial. There are quite a few benefits of joining a coworking hub as an introvert—check out three of them here:

Firstly, virtually nobody can build a proper business all alone. Solopreneurs might seem like they’re tackling their tasks all by themselves, but in reality there’s an entire team of professionals working hard behind the scenes to support them. One’s business cannot thrive without connections with peers, a stable clientele and a handful of others to help with finances, taxes, accounting and other aspects a company cannot exist without. A coworking hub is an excellent place to meet such individuals from various backgrounds who can help later with growing one’s entrepreneurial venture.

Secondly, introverts often have a hard time reaching out to people they have never met before. The well-curated atmosphere of a coworking hub, which encourages networking and socializing with like-minded individuals, just might provide the extra push one needs in order to finally muster up the courage and socialize. Besides getting to know strangers, shared office spaces also present fantastic opportunities to keep in touch with other people in different lines of work and to maintain professional relationships as well.

Lastly, going to a coworking hub a few times a week, partaking in the vibrant community events and socializing with others leads to an inevitable growth in one’s self-confidence. Courage, determination and belief in oneself are quite vital features every entrepreneur, freelancer and remote worker should possess in order to run a successful business.

How to make the most of a coworking hub as an introvert?

An introvert should definitely try working at least a few days per week at their local coworking hub. It will widen their horizons, enhance their people-management and social skills and generally increase confidence. Anybody who uses a shared office but often feels drained by too many social interactions is advised to take a day off from their workspace on a regular basis, so they can recharge their energy levels and start the new week with a newfound vitality.

With all this being said, coworking hubs are not for everyone. But if you’ve been interested in what you’ve read here, we recommend you use one a couple of times to try out the experience before you sign up for a month-long membership package. Remember to arrange your days at the shared office space to suit your personality, in a way that it will stimulate your creativity and productivity without compromising your overall work experience and personal wellbeing.

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