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3 Coworking Spaces for the Film Industry Enthusiasts

Coworking hubs offer a fantastic alternative for individuals who value a vibrant community atmosphere, a well-equipped professional setting, and remote working opportunities. These shared office spaces have become so popular in recent years that it sometimes seems like there’s a new coworking hub opening its doors every day. With this abundance and fierce competition, many coworking spaces have decided to target niche markets instead of offering their services to freelancers and remote workers of all professions.

For aspiring filmmakers and entrepreneurs working within the film industry a myriad of coworking hubs all across the US cater to their specific needs. If you’re unsure about signing up for a coworking membership package and feel like you’ve got your entrepreneurial venture under control from the comfort of your home, there are a handful of reasons why you should at least consider joining a shared office space aimed at film enthusiasts.

Firstly, you probably can’t beat the on-site amenities that aim to make film industry professional’s lives easier. From reliable high-speed internet connection to professional sound-stages, studios, recording and editing rooms, you’ll have everything within reach at your local coworking hub. Besides, inspiration is more likely to strike in a professional and creative setting.

Most importantly, the on-site networking opportunities can greatly contribute to professional growth, unique collaborations and even potential partnerships. The film industry professionals you meet along the way will definitely provide you with valuable insight, inspiration, and can help you set up your own network of reliable film industry professionals with whom you can cooperate when working on your projects.

Take a look at three awesome coworking spaces for the film industry professionals and enthusiasts:

Inspired Images Studios

Inspired Image Studios advertises its services as a re-imagined coworking hub where one can enjoy access to on-site video and audio facilities. The Film Hub located in Vista, California, promises a cost-effective base for your entrepreneurial venture or small business and membership access is open to individuals of all professions, not only those working within the film industry.

Visitors can rent various on-site amenities, such as meeting rooms, professional sound stages, editing and control rooms, as well as event spaces that are ideal for corporate events. You can also opt for one of four different membership packages. Hub members receive credits and discounts to technical amenities, access to networking events and a mailing address.  Café members get all these perks along with additional open seating in shared spaces, a professional business address, and various discounts for long-term leases. Dedicated desk members enjoy 24/7 access to a personal work station above the previously-mentioned features, while those opting for private office packages can make good use of unlimited entry to a private, locked suite.


IgnitedSpaces offers a sophisticated, stylized setting for entrepreneurs and local businesses in search of a creativity-inducing environment. The chic shared office space has opened its doors in two different locations already with a third K-Town site in the work.

Located at the very heart of Tinseltown in one of the most creative and trendy neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the shared office space was designed with Hollywood’s iconic vibes and artsy inhabitants in mind. The coworking hub attracts visionary entrepreneurs and ambitious storytellers through its fabulous amenities, which include equipped avid bays and color suites, a screening room, DI Theater, high-tech conference rooms, full-service meeting rooms, and a 7,000 square-foot pop-up space on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Venice location of IgnitedSpaces emphasizes its proximity to the coast, offering on-site shower and beach amenities for you to enjoy after a long day at work. Professional features include growth strategy consultation, regular marketing and networking events, work on exclusive BAMF projects, 24/7 access, and complimentary entry to the coworking hub’s Hollywood office space.

Atlanta Film Foundry

Concluding our list is the Atlanta Film Foundry, offering a well-equipped base for film and TV production enthusiasts in the heart of the ATL. The stylish office spaces come fully-furnished and offer access to shared office spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, private office suites, and training spaces.

The Atlanta Film Foundry offers a fully-furnished environment to editors, producers, writers and designers, boasting proximity to nearby studios. If you have a flexible approach, then you can opt for month-to-month membership packages, but if you’re in it for the long run, then long-term leases are also available to members.

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