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Can’t Nap at Work…or Can You? Meet the Amazing Coworking Spaces That Let You Snooze

Modern life’s exhausting pace can really set off your sleep patterns, which can then greatly affect your productivity at work. In fact, some companies have even given their staff the green light to grab 40 winks at work. So, what’s the harm in having a snooze?

Well, according to these coworking spaces, there’s nothing wrong with adding a nap to your to-do list:


Where: 213 Purchase St. New Bedford, MA 02740

Groundwork is a 6,000 square-foot space on the ground floor of a former textile school. It features a coworking space, meeting rooms, private offices, and a marketing lab.

There’s also a nap room, called the Doug Out room, where you can book a space for 20 minutes, lock the doors and snooze on a giant blue bean bag without worrying about any disruptions.

Or, if you just want to have a quick lie down and don’t mind passersby seeing you snooze, there’s also a hammock in the shared space.

The Sea Office

Where: Rua Norberto de Araujo, 19 2825 – 374 Costa de Caparica, Portugal

The Sea Office is a 1960s villa that combines a coworking space on the ground floor with four different rooms on the first floor with beds so you can lie your head down. There are three single rooms and one suite with a double bed for those serious snoozers.

Situated just 20 minutes from Lisbon’s international airport, the space has a lovely garden and is also a five-minute walk away from the beach, to help you truly enjoy a relaxing work day.


Where: Chulalongkorn Soi 6, Bangkok, Thailand

The NapLab coworking space actively encourages you to sleep on the job. The converted university dorms are fitted with office desks, Japanese-style floor seating, and bunk bed-style nooks for additional privacy and a quick nap.


Where: Weserstraße 21, 12045 Berlin, Germany

The cozy Weserland coworking space is a bright and airy space for freelancers, small business owners and startups in the heart of Neukölln, Berlin.

There’s 24/7 access, three internet networks to provide seamless connectivity, and a power nap room where you can refresh yourself with a short sleep in the space’s bed or hammock.

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