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Too Busy for Breakfast? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip It

We currently live in a society that somewhat glorifies busyness and values productivity and work results above everything else. In this hustle to make ends meet on a daily basis, we sometimes skip important daily rituals just to save a little bit of time, get out of the house sooner or focus on other tasks we deem to be more important than our health.

Breakfast tends to be one of these things that often gets passed up. Some people avoid eating “the most important meal of the day” because they believe it helps them lose weight. Others simply do not have the time to sit down for a proper meal, so they too end up skipping it.

Whatever your reasons are, we’re here to tell you that it’s not too beneficial in the long run to pass up on the first meal of the day. Your health might suffer and you might not be able to harness the many advantages a good, appetizing breakfast can provide you with. Take a look at 6 reasons why you should always have something to eat first thing in the morning:

Boost your energy levels

There’s nothing quite as energizing as kickstarting your day with a healthy, sumptuous breakfast. In order to “break the fast” you should definitely opt for a well-balanced and nutritious meal that can provide you with the energy you need to get moving. People who take advantage of a nice breakfast early in the morning are generally more active throughout the day than those who skip it. Furthermore, they are usually also more willing to do physical activities than their breakfast-skipping counterparts are.

Helps maintain a healthy diet

By starting off on the right foot and eating a hearty meal first thing in the morning, you encourage yourself to have a healthy diet. Once you enjoy a good breakfast, it will definitely help keep your cravings under control. A good breakfast also balances out the rest of your day and reduces the dangers of overeating later on.

Keeps your weight regulated

If you decide to skip breakfast in the hope of losing weight, you might be surprised to find that not eating first thing in the morning only increases your chance of unhealthy snacking and opting for larger meals later in the day. Breakfast-eaters have been proven to be much more active and energized, which means that they burn more calories. After all, you can’t really lift weights at the gym or go for a morning run when you’re feeling tired and you’re low on energy.

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It’s an important source of vitamins and nutrients

A good breakfast can be an important source for your daily vitamin and nutrient intake. But you might want to consider skipping the chocolate cereal with sugar sprinkles on top of it! Instead, opt for a much healthier breakfast. Enjoy the vegetables you bought at your local farmer’s market, add some protein to it (meat, eggs or cheeses), throw some “good” fats into the mix and reap the health benefits throughout the entire day.

Can help you be more productive and focused

To further advocate for a healthy breakfast, keep in mind that it can actually help you be more creative, productive and even more focused in your work. Yet again, this depends on what you eat and how much of it. Some experts proclaim that in order to harness the maximum brain power of your morning breakfast, you should limit your calorie intake to between 350 and 500 calories.  You should also eat within an hour or two after waking up, instead of delving into something immediately once you’re on your feet.

Skipping breakfast can have negative health effects

You might not even be aware of the wide range of negative health effects passing up on breakfast can have in reality. Despite the fact that many people skip it in order to get thinner, this unhealthy habit can actually cause obesity or can prevent you from losing weight. People who don’t have breakfast in the morning are at a higher risk of establishing diabetic issues and heart diseases. Your energy levels can also get quite low, making you feel tired, woozy and unproductive throughout the day.

Whether you’re an avid breakfast advocate or someone who’s always skipped the most important meal of the day, remember that in the end it’s all about how it makes you feel. Maybe you don’t need a full-blown dish to alleviate your hunger and you’re more than happy with a simple apple in the morning. Whatever you choose to do, consider the risks and the health benefits, and listen to your own body in order to establish your personal relationship with the daily breakfast.

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