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Emergency Rental Assistance Software for Transparent & Efficient Rental Aid

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Yardi Systems, an internationally trusted leader in the property management technology space, has recently launched RentRelief.com—an all-in-one rental assistance software solution for managing applications, approvals, and distribution of rental aid with transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

This cloud-based solution simplifies state and local agencies’ management of emergency rental assistance programs. By providing a repository for applications across all localities and agencies, RentRelief.com offers full transparency into engagement and available funds, grants agencies and states the visibility they need for fast and accurate approvals, and streamlines the process of receiving financial aid for tenants and landlords affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ultimate Rental Assistance Software Solution: Key Features & How It Works

By employing a cloud-based system, RentRelief.com eliminates the need for IT infrastructure updates, allows administrators to operate with significant speed, and simplifies audit and review with reporting and analytics.

The software design ensures efficiency by facilitating the online and mobile application process for tenants and landlords, as well as enabling different administrative agencies to support tenants in need of rental aid. Because transparency is a key element of efficient rental assistance, RentRelief.com makes it easy to view funds that are available, disbursed, or in-process, as well as to track applications, eligibility, touchpoints, and outcomes with tenants and landlords.

Moreover, ensuring accountability demanded that the comprehensive rental assistance software solution allowed for the detection of and action against fraud before payments are initiated; made it easy to view and send reports to oversight agencies for audit purposes, and ensure applications are processed and funds are distributed appropriately.

Emergency Rental Assistance Software How RentRelief Works

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Households in need of rental assistance can easily access the online portal, which guides the user through answering eligibility questions and uploading any required documentation. Housing agency staff can then follow-up using the same platform to complete verification of the applicants’ eligibility for assistance. Steps required to qualify vary by state and are fully configurable within RentRelief.

Furthermore, staff can use the same portal to communicate online with applicants in order to advise of any case status updates, missing information, determinations of eligibility, and more. All approved transactions are transparent and secure, leveraging Yardi’s decades-long experience of managing more than 12 million U.S. residential units, posting more than 40 million electronic invoices, and administering more than $8 billion in payments.

Key features of Yardi’s comprehensive rental assistance software solution include:

  • Online applications that allow both households and landlords to easily request assistance.
  • Built-in communication functionality, to securely and seamlessly connect with applicants.
  • Case management for application tracking, status updates, and approvals.
  • Payment distribution, delivering approved funds directly to households, landlords, or utility providers.
  • Audit functionality, which ensures accurate and timely dispersal of funds, as well as compliance.
  • Analytics and reporting tools that make the internal and external review of program implementation simple and straightforward.
  • Implementation process that can be completed in days, not months.
  • 24-7 assistance from Yardi’s nationwide client support network
  • Cloud-based software that provides accessibility and transparency.

The leading real estate software provider has consistently contributed constructively in crisis situations by offering funds, resources, and expertise. In 2016, Yardi partnered with the Provincial Government of Alberta to develop an easy-to-use searchable housing registry, in the aftermath of the devastating Fort McMurray wildfire, in which 2,000 homes were lost. In 2017, Yardi created a regional housing site and a hotline for southern Texas residents displaced by Hurricane Harvey, in addition to donating $1 million toward disaster relief. The same hand-on assistance was provided in the wake of Hurricane Irma, later that same year.

In 2020, Yardi donated $1 million toward rental support resources for the (then) newly launched COVID-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative—a collaboration of The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), National Apartment Association (NAA), National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

“We worked rapidly to create an easy-to-use and quick-to-implement platform that will make distribution of emergency rental assistance straightforward and equitable,” said Chris Voss, vice president of affordable housing and PHA at Yardi. “This all-in-one platform will streamline the application, approval, distribution, and audit process, without any needless integrations or long lead times. The goal is to help our government agencies as they deliver households and landlords the help they need.”

If your organization has begun to implement an emergency rental assistance program and is in need of simple software dedicated to supporting the entire process, call Yardi at (800) 866-1144 or visit RentRelief.com

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