How to Efficiently Move Your Business to a New Location

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According to long distance movers in Plano, TX, for any business owner, relocating your business can feel like an incredibly overwhelming task. After all, to keep operations running smoothly and continue delivering top-notch service to your customers, you need to make a quick and efficient transition. To minimize stress, a successful moving process requires careful planning, regular communication, and starting the project early. Here are 5 tips to move your business or office as efficiently as possible.

Conduct a Thorough Evaluation of Your Business

By investing time in analyzing all the sections and areas of your office space, you’ll be able to formulate an action plan describing what items need to be moved, what items can be disposed of, the order in which things need to be moved, and where items should be placed. Items that are essential for running your business daily, such as computers, phones, and other equipment, should be moved last to ensure operations aren’t interrupted.

Create a Strategy

Once you complete a thorough walk-through and evaluation, you’ll want to compile all this information into a checklist. By recording each stage of the process into simple, easy-to-distribute documents, you’ll avoid overlooking crucial tasks during your move. The best way to organize your list is by a timeline. For example, you’ll want to create a checklist that covers what you need to accomplish at the three months, one month, and one week mark before the big day. And most importantly, you should have a strategic plan for moving day.

Enlist the Help of a Professional Moving Service

Partnering with an insured and licensed professional moving company is the best way to ensure the process is carried out quickly and efficiently. This will also put the liability for any damaged equipment in the hands of the moving company. Assembling your employees to transport and move supplies on their own will open up a whirlwind of chaos and headaches. With a professional team of movers, you’ll have access to the necessary equipment, vehicles, and specialists to carry out your move the proper way.

Leave Yourself Enough Time to Purge

As a business owner, the worst hole you can dig yourself into is leaving the purging process to the last minute. Businesses often underestimate the number of items that need to be relocated. By starting the organization process early, you’ll be able to get rid of old files, obsolete equipment, empty filing cabinets, or furniture that’s no longer being used. This will help you save money on transportation fees for moving office supplies and materials that are not utilized.

Inform Vendors and Customers

At a minimum, you should be reaching out to your vendors one month prior to your move to inform them about your upcoming change of location. Your office mailing and billing address must be updated to ensure no important paperwork or correspondence is lost after you relocate. Similarly, you want to advise your customers about the upcoming move by announcing the move on your website, social pages, by sending email blasts, as well as any other means of communication that your customers use to inform them of your new office location. Don’t forget to update your website, business cards, marketing materials, and any other items that have your old office location on them.

Follow these 5 steps to ensure you make your new move for your business as smooth as possible. Remember to review any moving company before hiring them for their services as well. You don’t want a bad company moving your valuable business equipment. Moving can be stressful, especially a business move, but once you have it planned it will be easy sailing. The only thing left is to enjoy the new location of your business!

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