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Ranking the Largest U.S. Coworking Operators

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Given the recent context of the fundamental changes in how and where people work, CoworkingCafe has released a ranking of the largest coworking operators in the U.S. The study is a snapshot of the industry’s biggest names that are shaping today’s working landscape with the largest number of locations in the nation.

In the #1 spot with 832 U.S. locations, Regus has around three times more U.S. locations than the second-place operator, WeWork. An industry powerhouse, Regus has developed throughout the decades, beginning in Belgium in 1989. Today, its strongest U.S. presence is on the East Coast, with more than 100 coworking spaces in New York City and the wider tri-state area alone. And, Regus also operates an even more formidable number of locations globally, with roughly 3,500 coworking spaces in 120 countries.

In 2016, Regus established new holding company, IWG, a group of hybrid-working brands including HQ Global Workplaces and Spaces. Alongside Regus, these brands control almost one-fifth of the U.S. market:

  • A strong global presence is a common thread that runs through the IWG brands, including HQ Global Workplaces, which has 112 locations in 18 countries. Domestically, it has 60 locations, comprising almost 6% of the IWG network’s total U.S. portfolio and giving HQ a respectable eighth place by number of U.S. locations. The majority of HQ coworking spaces are in its native Texas (17), while the remainder are mostly spread out across the East Coast, despite none in New York City.
  • Meanwhile, with 177 U.S locations, Spaces is the fourth-largest coworking provider. It features a strong focus in California with 29 office spaces and 15 more in Texas, totaling almost one-quarter of its U.S. locations. In addition, Spaces boasts a strong global footprint that now encompasses 466 locations in more than 50 countries.

Next, WeWork, the second-largest operator, launched in Manhattan, where its first location opened in 2011. It then went on to become one of the fastest-growing lessees of New York office space. Today, it has more than 70 locations in Manhattan alone. WeWork boasts a robust U.S. presence with 256 locations nationwide out of a global portfolio that’s 700 strong, even with the company’s recently announced plans to scale back its footprint.

Occupying the third position with 135 U.S locations, Industrious Office is one of the rising stars of the coworking industry in the U.S. Its recent flurry of activity has seen the operator start 2023 on a strong note, opening new locations in multiple mixed-use developments. Originating in Chicago, Industrious operates primarily on the East Coast, with locations ranging from New York City and Boston to Atlanta and Florida. Furthermore, Industrious has also recently expanded its profile in Asia and Europe with the backing of CBRE Group Inc.

Our final five operators from inside the top 10 rankings operate exclusively in the U.S market. In fact, location is what links the next two providers, with Colorado being home to both Office Evolution and Intelligent Office. Sharing the advantage of experience with at least 20 years’ each, Office Evolution has 81 locations, taking sixth place, while Intelligent Office came in ninth with 45 locations. The similarities also continue in geographical spread as both operators are present across most of the major office markets in the states of California, Colorado, Florida and New Jersey.

The next two providers from the top 10 ranking have a targeted approach in their geographic distribution. And, if there’s one provider with a clear cluster of coworking offices, it’s Workstyle Flexible Spaces, with 41 of 67 locations in Texas, 27 of which are in its hometown of Houston. In contrast, its next-largest cluster is in Atlanta with only six locations.

Premier Workspaces also has a clear footprint within one state. Established in Irvine, Calif., in 2003, the majority of its 87 locations are in southern California, with a particular focus in Los Angeles. Otherwise, the rest of its portfolio reaches wide from the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii to the East Coast and the Midwest.

The final operator on the list is Expansive Workspace, a unique provider in that it owns the buildings it develops and operates. Among its 43 locations, the only cluster is found in its native Chicago with six locations, while the remaining locations are spread evenly across the U.S. from Seattle to Miami and Minneapolis to Nashville, Tenn.

With freelancers, small companies and larger teams turning to coworking in growing numbers for their office space needs, coworking operators are poised to benefit, as well. For the full breakdown of which operators have the most coworking locations in the U.S., as well as the methodological considerations behind the study, check out CoworkingCafe’s original story on the largest U.S. coworking operators.


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