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Q&A: Choosing the Best Office Space for Your New Business

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In the early days of a business, one of the biggest decisions entrepreneurs have to face is choosing the best office space for their company’s needs, a space that will attract and retain skilled professionals, while also providing enough room for future growth. More and more businesses choose to operate in a co-working space when starting out, since such spaces offer flexibility as the new company finds its rhythm and establishes its employee base. But what is it about co-working spaces that attracts so many startups, and why do companies choose them instead of leasing or buying their own space?

We’re conducting a series of Q&As with industry professionals about the process of finding the best office space for a small-to-medium-sized business. If you’re currently on the lookout for a new home for your business, what better way to gain insight on the matter than getting advice from those who’ve already gone through the process?

Josh Haber, All Set

Josh Haber, All Set

We recently spoke to Josh Haber, Lead User Success Manager at All Set, an on-demand home service provider app founded in Boston in 2016, about how the startup found its current corporate home base. The first startup to launch from Liberty Mutual’s Solaria Labs, All Set got a head-start when it launched its app with the help of a $14.4 million investment from Liberty Mutual and BCG Digital Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Boston Consulting Group. The company currently rents out office space from WeWork in Boston’s Back Bay. Read on to see why All Set chose a co-working environment.

QTell our readers a little bit about your business: what industry are you in and what services do you provide? 

A: All Set is a home services marketplace designed to help you find the best local house cleaning Pros in your area, see verified reviews of these Pros, communicate, schedule, and pay them, all through All Set.

QWhere is your office space located and what did you consider when searching for it?

A: We are located in the Back Bay in Boston, near the Boston Commons. We rent out office space from WeWork.

QWhat do you think is the most important thing when searching for office space? 

A: I think there are a few things of high importance. The energy and environment that the space creates is important. Does it create a fun, new, energetic, and collaborative place to work? Does it have nice lighting? Natural light? Also, I think it is important to be in an easily accessible location, with a plethora of good lunch spots around.

QWhat challenges did you encounter in the process of leasing/buying the office space and how did you deal with them? 

A: Finding an affordable place in Boston that has been newly renovated and has a good location is not easy. It takes a lot of searching and talking with people in your network to find the right place.

QHow do you feel about co-working spaces?

A: Personally, I love them and I think that it will become the trend moving forward.

QWhat would you recommend to other startups looking for office space? 

A: I would highly recommend checking out the co-working spaces around them.

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