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Social Distancing? 34 Real Estate Podcasts & Webinars to Stay Up-to-Date

As the world closes its doors, you can still stay connected with the latest industry news and views. In fact, there are plenty of real estate podcasts and webinars to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Additionally, we’ve also included a handful of resources that, although they’re not broadcasting anymore, still provide a wealth of timeless and entertaining real estate content. So, sit back and listen to some of these top real estate podcasts. They may be just the thing to help you give your business a fighting chance during these uncertain times.

#1 Agent Caffeine

This podcast focuses on technology and innovation in real estate, including best practices you can adopt to boost your business. Although this podcast hosted by entrepreneur Kelly Mitchell stopped broadcasting in 2015, it still provides a wealth of evergreen information.

#2 Agents of Change

Host Rich Brooks shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to use search engine optimization (SEO), social media and other marketing tools to boost their online presence.

#3 Bare Naked Agent

Hosted by best-selling author Pat Hiban, this podcast is run in a Q&A format to delve into the complexities of the industry. Tune in for plenty of sales and marketing tips for agents from Hiban, who also happens to run the Real Estate Rockers podcast.

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#4 Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless

Host Joe Fairless provides plenty of food for thought, including down-to-earth advice and tips to help entrepreneurs, investors and agents succeed in the industry. Fairless is also an avid YouTuber and blogger, in addition to regularly using Facebook Live, so check out his other channels for useful content, as well.

#5 Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast

In this podcast, real estate agent Joshua Dorkin joins forces with investor Brandon Turner to share their tips and advice on the real estate investment game.

#6 Caravan Confessions

Providing some much-needed comic relief, host Eric Simon of The Broke Agent interviews real estate professionals and asks them to describe some of their weirdest experiences in the industry.

#7 Cashflow Diary

This podcast covers just about everything you need to know about the real estate industry, including prospecting, buying, selling, closing, wholesaling, flipping and much more.

#8 Cashflow Guys Podcast

Host Tyler Sheff shares his tips and tricks to help real estate professionals boost their investment portfolios and do more with what they already have.

#9 Coach Tom Ferry

This weekly podcast is run by — you guessed it — real estate coach Tom Ferry. These training sessions cover a range of topics, including how to improve your general, selling and market real estate skills.

#10 Commercial Property Executive Webinars

A leading resource for real estate professionals, Commercial Property Executive’s webinars cover a broad range of topics, including innovation and investment options.

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#11 GSD Mode

Entrepreneur and realtor Joshua Smith interviews leading agents in one of the most upbeat real estate podcasts available. His direct and informal style encourages his interviewees to share their secrets of success, which you can also see on Smith’s YouTube channel.

#12 Jared James Today

Real estate coach and mentor Jared James provides listeners with a range of practical tips to sell more. James also has a strong online presence — including YouTube training videos and Mastermind summits.

#13 Keeping it Real

One for the real estate brokers, this podcast looks at how difficult it is for new brokers to find mentors. In it, Host D.J. Paris, president of sales and marketing at Kale Realty, interviews successful agents who share their tips and tricks.

#14 Kevin and Fred’s Next Level Agents Podcast

Hosts Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver share honest advice on how to boost your business in the here and now. With decades of experience under their belts, this is a highly insightful podcast.

#15 National Real Estate Investor Webinars

This series of webinars covers a wide range of industry topics, including technology, news and trends that could affect your real estate business.

# 16 Onion Juice Podcast

If your real estate business is struggling, this podcast is filled with tips and tricks to help you grow your business. While the Onion Juice recently stopped broadcasting, it’s still a useful and relevant resource.

#17 Modern American Realtor – Wright Brothers Real Estate Podcast

Brothers Corey and Casey Wright are second-generation brokers who share a wealth of marketing and sales expertise in their podcast. The podcast is insightful and entertaining for any real estate professional.

#18 Real Estate Career Mentor Podcast

Hosted by leading broker Marty Green, this podcast and its complementary blog provide listeners with free online agent training. Subscribers receive helpful career advice and ideas to boost profitability.

#19 Real Estate Coaching Radio

This podcast features the latest industry news, tips and interviews. Hosted by real estate coaches Julie and Tim Harris, it’s suitable for both seasoned professionals and rookie real estate agents.

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#20 Real Estate Realities With Robert “The RebelBroker” Whitelaw

Covering the latest real estate news, this podcast helps entrepreneurs understand how to achieve their business goals.

#21 Real Estate Rockstars

Hosted by best-selling real estate author and agent Pat Hiban, this podcast focuses on profitability. Guests include the likes of Barbara Corcoran, Robert Kiyosaki and David Osborn.

#22 Real Estate Success Rocks

Hosted by Patrick Lilly, this podcast covers a massive range of real estate tips, including selling strategies, marketing ideas and professional development.

#23 Real Estate Today Radio

Learn about the latest real estate trends, how to increase the value of your property and how to sell (just to name a few) in this podcast that is created by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and hosted by Stephen Gasque.

#24 Super Agents Live

Entrepreneur Toby Salgado interviews top real estate professionals, including Brian Buffini and Tom Ferry, in which they share their techniques and strategies for real estate success.

#25 The Brian Buffini Show

Brian Buffini hosts this podcast, which helps real estate professionals be successful.

#26 The Commercial Real Estate Show

Host Michael Bull covers all of the latest real estate industry news, interviewing economists, analysts and other professionals who share their insights into a range of fascinating real estate projects and topics.

#27 The Danny Morel Show

In this weekly podcast, real estate industry pro Danny Morel shares his advice to help real estate professionals grow their businesses and find success.

#28 The Honest Real Estate Agent

Hosted by Mario Jannatpour (who also wrote the best-seller “The Honest Real Estate Agent”), this podcast explores lead generation ideas and what consumers want from real estate agents.

#29 The Marketing Genius Real Estate Podcast

Host Seth Price gives you the inside scoop on the real estate market. In this podcast, he discusses technology and interviews marketing experts, thought leaders and top brokers, helping real estate professionals understand the best tools and trends to get ahead in the industry.

#30 The Real Estate Marketing Podcast

Agent Redefined founder, George Cuevas, covers everything you need to know about marketing your real estate business. There are even a few on-air margaritas while Cuevas shares his tips and tricks.

#31 Top Agents Playbook

Hosted by Bestagents CEO, Ray Wood, this podcast features a series of interviews with top real estate agents. Guests share their stories and advice for success in selling real estate, marketing and winning listings.

#32 Tom Ferry Podcast

Tom Ferry is a leading light in the real estate industry, and his podcast helps professionals find their path to success. With more than 30 years of experience, Ferry’s advice is clear, actionable and incredibly insightful.

#33 Unlisted with Brad Inman

Host Brad Inman interviews top real estate influencers, who share their industry tips and tricks in this insightful podcast series.

#34 YES Talk

In my opinion, I’ve saved one of the best real estate podcasts until last. This one is hosted by Kevin Ward, real estate agent and author of “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide”. Kevin provides a wealth of insightful tips, which feel more like a chat with a friend than a training course. covering the skills and strategies for realtors to succeed in the industry. 

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