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10 Must-Have Apps for Office Productivity

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Whether you’re a solopreneur or work for a large company, you’re most likely always looking for ways to boost your productivity. But, sometimes this can be difficult, especially when your schedule is full and there are many distractions that get you out of the zone.

So, we scoured the internet for apps that can boost your productivity, improve your focus, help you manage your time and tasks, and make you a better worker in general. Here are the 10 most useful apps for office productivity that we came across.


Do you constantly struggle to remember the passwords to all of the accounts you juggle during day-to-day office activities? If so, 1Password offers a solution by saving every password you have on all of your accounts and devices through a secured and encrypted process.

1Password also allows you to save credit card details for easier payments, and even includes a widget for taking notes.


Centrallo is a handy note-taking app that allows you to make a note whenever you get that awesome idea or run into something interesting. You can take notes in the form of text, image screenshots, or voice recordings.

This app also makes it easy to find older notes through its search function and organize them by several criteria. Plus, you can also share bits of important information with colleagues through email or direct link.

[email protected]

[email protected] is a little different from the other apps on the list; rather than trying to provide a useful tool to assist you with a certain aspect of work productivity, [email protected] makes you more productive by directly improving your concentration through music.

The app streams music that has been scientifically optimized for concentrating at work. It even caters to different classes of workers, such as entrepreneurs or creative thinkers.


Sometimes, distractions get the better of you. This app allows you to track the amount of time you spend distracted by your smartphone. You can then block apps that drain too much of your time and attention.

The app also features a tomato-timer which you can set up to motivate yourself to stay focused on a task for a certain amount of time, and a function that reminds you to take frequent breaks to keep your productivity high.


No matter what your job consists of, you’ll operate with two resources: money and time. Harvest separately tracks money and time as limited resources, encouraging efficient use of both on your projects.

The app visualizes how you and your team are spending these resources, which creates better distribution of manpower and budgets. The money and time you track while working on a project can even be used to generate a shareable invoice.


Brainstorming doesn’t have to be an exhausting and complicated process. With this app, you can easily make a mind map of all the ideas that you or your coworkers come up with during a brainstorming session.

MindMeister also allows you to set up inspiring presentations, assign tasks and set priorities in-app once the ideas have been decided upon. The app even stores older ideas in case you need to go back to them.


Pushbullet basically combines all of your devices into one—it connects your phone and/or tablet to your computer, allowing you to receive notifications from them on your desktop. This won’t only reduce the time you spend filtering through requests and assignments, but it will also prevent phone notifications from distracting you.

On top of that, Pushbullet also allows you to text through SMS from your desktop, and has built-in file syncing for all of your devices.


Proper collaboration between team members is the first step in ensuring you have a productive team. Redbooth aims to streamline the process by allowing you to keep tabs on all ongoing and completed projects, while also keeping you in contact with other team members.

The app tracks your projects and their details—such as deadlines and degree of priority—allowing you to place them on easy-to-make Gantt charts. You can also keep in touch with coworkers and collaborators through high-definition video meetings or give quick feedback through the integrated instant messaging function.

Once you finalize a project, use the app to draw conclusions for future projects and assess team productivity through reports.

Remember The Milk

This handy app won’t only help your office productivity, but it will also make you a more organized person in general.

Remember The Milk lets you seamlessly add reminders and schedule meetings or appointments. It also allows you to assign tags to tasks, mark them by priority or due date, or break them down into subtasks for easier management.

It even lets you share schedules and delegate tasks to others. Whether it’s an assignment for a team member or a grocery shopping reminder for a family member is up to you.


Keeping track of where your precious time is going can be hard. RescueTime solves this problem by logging the time you spent doing every daily activity—work or leisure. This way, you can more efficiently schedule your day.

The app tracks the time you spend on your phone and on your desktop. It then alerts you when you’re procrastinating too much on certain websites or when you’ve worked for too long and need to take a break.

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