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5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Coworking Space

In the fast-changing world of office culture, remote working and shared office spaces have quickly become quite established. Similarly to the way cubicles took the world by storm in the late ’60s and were integrated into every major firm, coworking spaces are following a comparable pattern, and seeing new ones opening their doors for the first time is a regular occurrence.

But while the majority of coworking hubs comply with a set of standards regarding the amenities and services they offer, the truth of the matter is that no two shared office spaces are alike. So if you’re ever feeling like the coworking office you’re currently attending is not a good fit for you, you should definitely think about changing.

Take a look at 5 sure-fire signs that you’re currently in the wrong coworking space, and if they sound familiar then it might be time to try something different:

1. The office layout and furniture is subpar

Most coworking hubs tend to have open-concept layouts in order to encourage networking and meeting other professionals from the industry. But the main goal of a shared office space should be to provide a base that offers a tasteful and inspiring setting for brainstorming sessions and for one’s creative work flow. And it shouldn’t look like a cubicle from the ‘70s. So if the space you’re at doesn’t make you feel any joy, you can always try a different hub that might fulfill your creative needs.

The same goes for subpar office furniture. If the place seems run-down, the desks are creaky and your chair looks like it’s going to fall apart any minute, don’t hesitate to quit the hub and look for a better fit.

2. You feel unmotivated and forced to show up

Working from a coworking hub should be a motivating and stimulating experience. If you don’t feel particularly drawn to the shared office space where you’re currently a member, and going there feels more like a chore than a pleasure, then you’re probably in the wrong place. Feelings of anxiety, carelessness and lack of productivity can also be associated with the fact that you’re not where you’re supposed to be and that it might be time to move on.

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3.  There’s virtually no community atmosphere

A good coworking hub usually boasts a vibrant community atmosphere, with colorful events, useful courses and plenty of networking opportunities. However, you should know that not all shared office spaces offer these particular features to members. In fact, many hubs simply come with an open office-style layout, without having too many communal amenities besides designated spaces where you can eat a meal or have coffee.

If you’re currently stuck at a coworking hub and you feel like you have more chances of socializing at your local Starbucks, it might be time to abandon ship. Make an effort to research other shared office spaces that have a more diverse palette of social meet-ups and professional get-togethers before giving up on the idea of working from coworking hubs entirely.

4. The office amenities do not match your lifestyle

If you run an entrepreneurial venture and you also have daily personal challenges that you have to tackle, it might be wise to try to manage them all in the same place. Say, for instance, that you have a small child who needs to go to daycare but you have trouble taking him or her to the nursery school located on the other side of town, try to find a coworking hub that offers childcare services while you work. This simple change will probably cut your commute time right down and you’ll feel better knowing that your child is safe in the hands of professionals in the same building as you.

5. You daydream about going back to your 9-to-5 job

If you’ve been toying with the idea of returning to your soul-sucking day job instead of working from the coworking hub you’re currently in, it could be that it’s the shared office’s fault. Some coworking spaces can resemble traditional cubicle-style settings, which can be quite off-putting. It could be that all you need to do is find a different hub where you can feel more inspired and regain your motivation to work on your projects and boost your business.

If you ever find yourself thinking about any or all of the factors mentioned above, then maybe you need to make some changes in order to have a better life. The beauty of coworking hubs is that if a space doesn’t appeal to you, you can always stop going there and move instead to a different shared office that is more in line with your needs, requirements, and lifestyle.

So don’t give up just yet! Do a thorough analysis of all the available coworking hubs near you to find the one that best fits your business and social needs and don’t let your choices be affected by peer pressure. Good luck!

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