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Amazing Coworking Offices in the Northeast That Provide Childcare Services

Ever since the financial crisis, a growing number of workers have seen their schedules become increasingly flexible, as many have either turned to freelancing full-time, taken on a second job or are looking to launch their own business.

Coworking offices have sprung up throughout the nation, catering to different needs and servicing ever more niche audiences. However, there is one type of coworking hub working parents in the U.S. can’t get enough of: coworking offices offering childcare services.

The results of a recent survey show that only 26% of coworking offices allow parents to bring their kids on-site or provide members with a daycare option. This happens even though people working in these spaces are, on average, 36 years old, which means that many of them already have children.

As part of our series on coworking offices offering childcare, we’ve drawn up a list of some of the options for parents in the Northeast looking to balance their caregiving duties with their work. Keep reading to find out more about what these companies have to offer.

Brooklyn Explorers Academy

The Brooklyn-based company currently has two locations in the borough―a coworking space in Fort Greene at 36 St. Felix St, and one in Crown Heights, at 1110 Bergen St―and roughly 14 years-worth of experience in offering preschool and school-aged services at their two locations for kids in the New York metro area.

The staff is college-educated, CPR and First Aid-trained, and the educational goals include the development of children’s motor skills and early literacy, as well as furthering their exposure and understanding of visual arts, music, nature and science.

Parents can also rest assured their young ones will have a healthy meal, carefully prepared from locally-sourced ingredients and tailored to their preferences and needs, whether it be a vegan or vegetarian menu or an allergen-free option, including dairy, nuts and sesame.

Children can also get a head start in education, as Brooklyn Explorers Academy’s courses prepare them for Gifted and Talented testing and the STEM and CORE program requirements for public and charter school. Kids between the ages of five and twelve can also get help with their homework and cap-off their Sunday evening with a delicious dinner, all for the cost of $40 for the three-hour session.

Building on the idea that involving children from different age groups in different activities fosters collaboration, peer learning and mentoring, the company organizes full-day itineraries in Fort Greene Park, as well as dedicated time in a hands-on Maker Space for four to twelve-year-olds every Saturday and Sunday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The $95 per session price includes all meals and snacks.

This coworking office understands that it’s not just kids that need care. Whether it’s catching up on sleep or reconnecting with friends, members can use the company’s SLEEP-IN Drop-off services, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday for only $40, which also includes snack and lunch.

Work and Play

Work and Play in South Orange, NJ recognizes that ‘the work of childhood is play’ and therefore strives to create a nurturing, child-centered environment that lets kids discover the world around them at their own pace. While the little ones are hard at work playing, parents need not commit to year-long memberships to be able to drop off their children at this coworking office’s daycare. Whether you commit to a minimum of two or a maximum of 30 hours a week, you can come in at 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. and pick up your child at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. or 3 p.m.

The year is split into several session and mini-camps. The Fall Session begins on September 4 and lasts until December 21, followed by a lengthy Winter Session, from January 2 to April 12. There is a four-day April Mini Camp between the 15th and 19th of the month, just before the start of the Spring Session on April 22. The Summer Camp Session commences on June 25 and lasts until August 24. Children can enroll at any point during the year.

The on-site studio is available for booking parties, birthdays or other events, and you might even get recommendations for caterers or vendors the company has previously worked with, such as The Little Moving Artist, Bricks 4 Kidz, STEAMworks Studios and Splurge Bakery.

Work and Play came about as founder Deborah Engel was expecting her third child and decided to create a place that could lend a hand to working parents such as herself. Today, the community she’s helped create includes writers, filmmakers, designers, marketers, as well as educators, entrepreneurs and tech developers.

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MOMentum coworking near Philadelphia offers member parents childcare services Tuesday to Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., along with aftercare for Jarretown Elementary students, Monday through Friday from dismissal until 6 p.m. The aftercare program includes help with homework and activities such as outdoor play, crafts and service projects. The company hires experienced caregivers with background checks and CPR certification, who are in charge of regularly scheduled classes and events.

The facility offers working mothers a room to retire to pump milk or breastfeed their infants. There are joint yoga sessions for parents and kids, as well as cooking, baking and knitting activities member families can enjoy together.

Tuition is payable in ten monthly installments, starting September 1, and parents can opt for 2-5 day per week packages or a pay-as-you-go option for maximum flexibility.  Parents with two kids enrolled in any of the 2-5 days per week packages get a 5% reduction, while members with three children get 10% off. There is an additional 2% reduction for early monthly payments processed via PayPal or the Annual Tuition, if paid before September 1.


Bloom is a coworking office with childcare, servicing the townships of Bloomfield, Montclair, Clifton, Nutley, Verona and Glen Ridge in New Jersey. This company distinguishes itself by providing an excellent teacher-to-child ratio, through small groups of no more than six kids, always supervised and cared for by two adults.

Children can be dropped-off Monday through Friday, from as early as 8 a.m. and picked up at 12 p.m., or between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Bloom has created indoor and outdoor space for kids 12 weeks to 3 years, as well as a several cozy spots for nursing mothers and two private, distraction-free rooms for babies.

Parents can choose to pay on an hourly basis but must enroll their little ones for a minimum of six hours per week. The year is broken up into three terms: Winter/Spring, starting in January and ending in April, Summer, lasting throughout May and August, and Fall, September through December. There is an additional monthly Afternoon Out and Evening Out option for busy members, either on a Friday or Saturday.

Other events and activities include afternoon playdates―where parents can enjoy a DYI coffee and iced tea while the kids are hard at work playing―and the family GRILL+CHILL, which aims to bring together current and former bloom members. The company’s partnership with Jessica Alfreds Food means families can have locally-sources and organic groceries and meals delivered on-site, with a 10% discount for the first ten orders, as well as Friday breakfasts and quarterly coffee.

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