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7 Great CRE Podcasts You Really Should Follow

Podcasts are a valuable resource to help you understand the trends and topics of the commercial real estate industry. You can also listen to a podcast wherever you are. They provide you with an up-to-date analysis of the industry and access to different points of view from other CRE professionals. Here are seven of the best industry podcasts:

The Commercial Real Estate Show

Industry expert Michael Bull speaks to CRE analysts, leaders and economists for this weekly podcast. The show has been around since 2010. It focuses on a range of industry-relevant weekly topics, providing market intelligence, forecasts, and strategies to its audience. 


Available every Thursday, the BiggerPockets podcast is co-hosted by industry experts David Greene and Brandon Turner. Each show lasts for over an hour, where the duo interview investors from all walks of life. Each podcast focuses on a couple of core topics, including investment strategies and portfolio building. This podcast is a fun listen, with an off-the-cuff and informative style. 

The Commercial Investing Show

Every week, host Jason Hartman talks about the latest comings and goings of the CRE industry. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Hartman interviews fellow industry experts and focuses on a couple of core topics, deep-diving into a range of investment strategies and tips. There are also interviews with business authors and speakers, which provide valuable insights into running a successful real estate investment business.

The Real Estate Guys

This fun and informative show is hosted by financial strategist Russell Gray and professional investor Robert Helms every week. There’s plenty of great content to choose from as the show has been broadcasting since 1997. As such, you can search for podcasts on specific industry sectors and geographic markets, making this a great resource for CRE professionals.

Real Estate REality Check

The Real Estate REality Check podcast is hosted by Larry Haber, who is not only a former developer but is also an attorney, CPA and the creator of Leasing REality education platform. This engaging weekly podcast relies on pop culture analogies. It features an interview with a different CRE and business rock stars every week, including chats with seasoned pros and emerging talent. 

Commercial Real Estate with a Little Attitude

Hosted by Duke Long, owner of The Duke Long Agency, this podcast provides thorough market analysis coupled with practical tips and tricks for the CRE industry-related trends and wider business topics. Each episode features an interview and/or panel discussion with various industry experts and business leaders. Be warned, the language can get a little blue at times but it’s sure to get you thinking.

Commercial Real Estate Online

These podcasts may only last between 10 to 35 minutes, but they pack a powerful punch. Host and CRE expert John Highman provides listeners with a wealth of advice in this short timeframe, covering topics such as leasing, sales and property management. 

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