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Here Are 8 of the Best Coworking Spaces in Oakland

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Working remotely instead of going to the same physical office every day has become an increasingly popular option in the U.S. The West Coast especially has adapted well to this tendency, providing numerous shared office spaces to the many startup businesses, accelerator programs, freelance creatives and techies working in this part of the country. Although San Francisco still remains the leader in this regard in the Bay Area, Oakland is slowly but surely gaining ground and establishing itself as a strong and reliable center for the new coworking trend.

Browse through our list of eight fantastic coworking spots in Oakland, Calif., which will surely help increase your productivity:

Ace Monster Toys Makerspace

Coworking hubs in Oakland

Image courtesy of Ace Monsters Toys Makerspace

Located at 6050 Lowell Street, north of Downtown Oakland, Ace Monster Toys Makerspace is not your traditional coworking hub. Instead of boasting desks in shared offices and conference rooms, it offers well-equipped spaces for hackers and ‘makers.’

Members can enjoy full access to the numerous tools and equipment offered by the AMT team, which include, but are not limited to, lasers, box bots, electronics, textiles and various metalworking machines. Different workshops, seminars and classes are also held here, where you can learn the ins and outs of the profession of your choice. A traditional shared office space is also set up for those tied to their laptops, with full access to snacks, Wi-Fi, comfy chairs, the projector and the well-stocked kitchen.

BIG Oakland

Situated right at the heart of the city, more exactly at 351 15th Street, BIG Oakland is another coworking space with a niche audience. This coworking hub aims at targeting building industry professionals, specifically architects and engineers, with a range of services tailored to their needs and demands.

On site you’ll find an extensive library filled with specialty books, and there are 5 different membership packages aimed at professionals of all levels, from occasional day passes to dedicated desks and private offices. Numerous profession-oriented services can also be found at BIG Oakland, such as a layout space, a model-making room, a plotter service and even a few drafting stations. A large number of events and meet-ups are held to encourage a tight-knit professional community, like informal breakfasts where you can share ideas with like-minded people.

Forage Kitchen

At 478 25th Street, Forage Kitchen can be found in Uptown Oakland, steps away from grocery shops, cafes and restaurants. This is another coworking space aimed at a certain type of professional workers: individuals who want to expand their skills in the art of cookery.

Boasting a competent kitchen with everything you can imagine from double-stack convection ovens to 16 different stainless steel and butcher block prep tables, this place will satisfy novice cooks and expert chefs alike. Besides the impressive kitchen, members also have access to conference rooms, cooking classes, workshops and a huge library of cookbooks. The most hard-working cooks can display their work at the Forage Kitchen café, where they can get real-time feedback from walk-in customers.

Gateway Works

Situated south of Downtown Oakland, at 330 2nd Street, Gateway Works lies in the vicinity of hip and trendy cafes, inviting restaurants and a few breweries. It is the leading accelerator and incubator program in the city which specializes in cannabis-related activities.

This unique coworking space is much more than a shared office with a few simple desks targeting marijuana enthusiasts. It is actually the first hub in the state to offer mentorship, networking and investment opportunities for cannabis companies in California. Through their regularly-organized events and social gatherings you can mingle with individuals who share your passion, which can easily lead to future business partnerships.

Impact Hub Oakland

At 2323 Broadway Street, this coworking space can be found north of Uptown Oakland. A myriad of cafes (including your local Starbucks), eateries, fast food restaurants and bars can be found nearby, so you can get an extra boost of energy at any time of the day.

The spacious Impact Hub Oakland offers shared spaces with designated desks, private offices and conference rooms to members and drop-in guests. Besides all the traditional features, it also boasts a digital-free zone where you can take a rest after you’ve completed your tasks for the day. You can also try to find inspiration in the coworking office’s very own art gallery which is filled with interesting installations.

Nomadic Press

With two different locations in Oakland (one in Fruitville and one in Uptown), the non-profit Nomadic Press aims to provide a vibrant meeting space to artists across all disciples.

Aimed not only at writers, but also at musicians, along with visual and performance artists, this is a hub where like-minded creators can get together and inspire each other. Through artist programs, workshops and seminars, people can further evolve in their craft while connecting with individuals from similar backgrounds.


Powerhouse, Coworking, CommercialCafe

Image courtesy of Powerhouse

Located across the street from Oakstop at 426 17th Street, Powerhouse offers a different kind of coworking experience. It’s a specialty hub, bringing together clean energy startups and entrepreneurs on one side and big industry leaders on the other.

Three different packages provide diverse numbers of entries, while providing full access to all the amenities offered by the coworking space. These amenities boast (but are not limited to) high-speed internet, conference rooms, hydraulic and solar power desks, private phone booths, and access to events and to the well-stocked rooftop lounge and barbecue area. The locally organized powerhouse events connect aspiring entrepreneurs with experts in the clean energy business.

The Port Workspaces

Another coworking hub in the same area as the previous two, The Port Workspaces is located at 344 20th Street. With a wide range of working spaces available, it boasts not only generous desks in shared offices, but also cozy, private nooks for those looking for a quiet place to develop their projects.

Besides all these, it also offers a fully-equipped kitchen known as Port Kitchens, where aspiring cooks can meet up and learn from food business professionals while preparing mouthwatering dishes for other members to enjoy. Port Studio leases well-equipped media studios for photographers, videographers and podcasters who want to up their freelancing game. Like any good shared office space, The Port Workspaces also boasts a colorful and fun leisure lounge, where you can let go of your challenging day and enjoy a well-deserved drink with fellow colleagues.

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