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Explore the Top Pet-Friendly Coworking Hubs in Miami

Miami’s bustling coworking scene is continuously evolving, with new shared office spaces popping up all the time in various areas of the busy metropolis. With such a relentlessly competitive market, it’s no wonder that many coworking hubs aim at offering something a little extra to lure in new guests and clients. One of these hip and trendy features which many companies have recently adopted is a pet-friendly policy.

This has proven to be quite a popular move, especially amongst millennials, who are one of the groups that most often frequents coworking offices. But let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute: who wouldn’t love to cuddle a cute furry animal on their coffee break? We’re guessing it’s not just millennials! Besides, allowing pets into the office has a wide range of benefits—although the downside of this policy should also not go unnoticed.

If you’re supportive of pet-friendly offices and you live in The Sunshine State, you may be happy to hear that we’ve compiled a list of awesome Miami coworking offices that not only allow, but also encourage you to bring your four-legged buddy with you to work. Here are 7 of the best of them:

BizNest Miami

Located in the Coral Groves neighborhood, not too far away from Miami Airport, BizNest Miami impresses on account of its well-equipped offices, flexible membership options and especially its knowledgeable and helpful staff. The productive work environment and the all-around cheerful atmosphere are only heightened by the company’s dog- and kid-friendly policy. The coworking hub’s strategic location should also be noted, boasting proximity to some fine restaurants, stylish cafes and other cool amenities.

CityDesk Miami

Another fantastic place which cherishes its canine coworkers is CityDesk Miami, located near the downtown core on South Miami Avenue.  This shared office space boasts a modern, well-equipped interior with both private and open areas, all carefully designed to make you and your dog/cat as comfortable as possible. The myriad of useful networking events, the professional services, the flexible and open-minded work ethic along with the unbeatable location make CityDesk one of the most popular coworking hubs in Miami.

MADE at the Citadel

MADE at the Citadel is not just a simple shared office made up of just a few desks and ergonomic chairs, but rather a productivity-inducing creative space aimed at entrepreneurs, creative individuals, freelancers and local business owners. Specialists from the IT sector, accountants, fashion designers, painters and people with many different specializations, professions and backgrounds all mingle here and enjoy full access to the hub’s many awesome facilities. The allowance of pets further ensures a diverse and interesting crowd, so don’t hesitate to bring your canine friend to meet up with other people’s pooches.

StartHub Miami

Proclaiming to be much more than a coworking space, Starthub Miami offers a wide range of services, all in a pet-friendly manner. They feature accelerator programs for both entrepreneurs at the start of their journey and aspiring business owners alike. From private offices and shared desks to flex spaces and virtual offices, everyone can find the membership package most suited to their personal preferences and business requirements.

Tedge Mindful Coworking

With a gorgeous interior adorned with vintage and industrial decorations, a helpful staff and well-priced membership packages, Tedge Mindful Coworking is located in Beverly Terrace, north of Downtown Miami. It is quite popular thanks to its work ethic, asserting work-life balance as a mantra for a happy and productive entrepreneurial journey. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the coworking hub has enforced a pet-friendly policy in the office, so their clients and members can bring their furry friends along for an extra dose of inspiration.

The LAB Miami

Situated in the heart of Wynwood, The LAB Miami is another beloved coworking hub thanks to its 24/7 access policy, varied membership packages and locally-organized networking events and courses. Since it also offers a handful of different venue options up for lease, you can take advantage of the hub’s fully-equipped and spacious halls to organize a seminar or a lecture in a professional setting.  Seeing as how Tila Tequila, a small black-and-brown colored puppy, is listed among the team members of the coworking hub, it’s only natural that the company boasts a pet-friendly interior, so their resident dog can make some new friends during long workdays.

WeWork Lincoln Road

Concluding our list is the first WeWork office opened in Miami, located just a block away from the nearest beach. The sleek interior with ergonomic chairs and modern furniture, the friendly vibes and the productivity-oriented atmosphere all contribute to an in-demand shared office space. WeWork Lincoln Road is also a favorite among dogs owners, who can bring their four-legged pals to work thanks to the company’s pet-friendly policy and open layout.

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