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The Importance of a Virtual Business Address

Appearances matter in the corporate world. A virtual business address can help professionalize your image and also build confidence in your brand.

However, for many freelancers and entrepreneurs, the cost of renting out a permanent office space isn’t a viable option from either a logistical or financial standpoint. This is a particularly pertinent point in the early days of any business venture. For example, what happens if you suddenly expand? Or if you can’t afford your rental agreement? Or need to relocate to a new city altogether?

While using a P.O. Box for your company is one option to address the uncertain nature of running a business, this doesn’t present the most professional image. It could quite easily give customers the wrong impression that you’re a small, fly-by-night operation that may not be legitimate or stable.

This is where a virtual business address can bridge the gap for many solo operators and new companies. There are many benefits of using a virtual business address too. These include:

1. You keep your home address private

If you operate your business from your home, you may not want to broadcast your home address to your customers and clients. Using a virtual business address means you can keep your personal details out of the public domain.

2. You get protection against burglaries

If your business stores and deals with expensive products, you could be vulnerable to burglaries. A virtual business address adds a layer of protection between you and the risk of theft.

3. You build customer and client confidence

If your business address is a P.O. Box or located into a residential area, then this will do very little to build confidence in your business. However, situating your business address in a desirable commercial region that has a strong reputation in your industry could do wonders for your firm’s reputation. This will make you more approachable to your client and customers, helping you to build your corporate identity as well.

4. A virtual business address gives you the flexibility to move

Not all businesses are static; you may need to travel, change locations to meet customer or client demands, or expand into new regions. If you do need to relocate, you don’t have to go through the disruption and expense of changing your address everywhere it appears.

5. A virtual business address may improve your online visibility

If you don’t have a business address, this could harm your SEO ranking as it makes it more difficult for your customers to find you online. However, Google is now supposedly cracking down on virtual offices used with Google My Business listings.

Another way to boost your online presence is to use your virtual business address as a way to appear in many of the free local online business directories.

6. You could opt for more than a mail forwarding service

Many virtual business address services are run in conjunction with full virtual office offerings, where you and your employees get access to a wide range of service via the internet and without having to be in that location.

For example, you could also opt to have a receptionist, answering service, voicemail or use discounted conferencing suites or meeting rooms on an hourly basis for a small fee.

Many shared office spaces also offer virtual offices or virtual business addresses for their members. Coworking spaces provide networking opportunities and many other advantages, so it makes sense to explore such synergies when considering a virtual business address.

In conclusion

A virtual business address is more than a mail forwarding service. It gives you the opportunity to make the best impression on clients and customers and build confidence in your brand, without telling the world where you and your family live.

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