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Your First Day At A Coworking Space: What To Expect

The first day at a new coworking space is somewhat similar to the first day at a new job. You’re not entirely sure what to expect as you step inside the building, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. You don’t really know anyone aside from the guy who showed you around during the tour of the coworking hub and you’re secretly afraid that despite the glowing online reviews and the positive vibes of the inviting tour, this still won’t be the best place for you.

We’re here to tell you that it’s all going to be OK, that you chose this shared office space for a reason and you shouldn’t worry too much about how things will go down, because you’ll be fine. To ease your anxiety, we’ll share seven different tips about what you can expect from your first day at a coworking hub, so you’ll know exactly what to do to make it a fun and memorable day.

Go prepared

Set yourself up for success before you ever leave the house. Plan out how your day will go: research the best way to reach the coworking hub, sketch out the tasks you need to tackle and know exactly what you’ll have for lunch. Keep in mind a few opening lines for initiating small talk and be confident in yourself – there’s no reason not to be. Most importantly, pack your bag with all your essentials – laptop, chargers, mouse, headphones and any other electronic devices you might need – because you don’t want to forget any of these on your very first day at the coworking hub.

Get to know the staff and the hub

Once you arrive, introduce yourself to the community manager and other members of the staff. Even if you previously took a tour of the shared office space, it doesn’t hurt to look around once again, this time with a more subjective eye. Locate the lavatories, the kitchen, the lounge area, the café, the reception, the conference room and other spaces which might be of interest to you and learn where you can find them all for easier navigation in the future.

Check the noise level & sit accordingly

When you get to the point where you need to decide your place in the shared office, make an effort to notice the noise levels in the room before you sit down. It also helps to take note of any desks that experience a lot of commotion – you might want to avoid sitting close to the restroom or the kitchen. Remember that you’re there to work and that the fewer distractions you’re prone to, the better your work flow will be.

Determine your need for social interactions

Before you make the rounds and introduce yourself to everyone and their dog, remember that this is not a traditional office space. People come and go and you might not need to get to know absolutely everybody attending the coworking hub on the very first day. Instead, you might want to establish in your mind the kind of social interaction you’re looking for. You perhaps wanted to attend a coworking office to feel less lonely in your day-to-day life, but you might also be in search of professional partnership opportunities. So do some introspection first and act on your needs accordingly.

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Mingle with other entrepreneurs

With our previous point in mind, don’t hesitate to start getting to know a handful of entrepreneurs and local business owners from day one. First impressions are extremely important, even in the coworking world, so make sure you start building up your network immediately by reaching out to a couple of individuals. Even if you’re a bit scared of social interactions, do your best to fight it, because the last thing you want is to come across as anti-social and unlikable.

Respect other people’s privacy and space

Since it’s your first day, you’re probably quite curious about how things work on a day-to-day basis and are prone to ask a lot of questions. Despite this fact, try not to bother other attendees too much with your inquiries, especially not during work time. Respect both the time and the space of other individuals in the coworking hub. Don’t interrupt them in their work flow, try not to make too many loud noises and definitely make an effort to keep your things on your own personal desk instead of having them overflow to your neighbors’ tables.

Leave everything neat and tidy

Once you’re ready to wrap up the day, be sure to leave everything behind exactly as you’ve found the place earlier that morning. Throw away your garbage, tidy up the desk and place the chair in its place. Remember that you’re in a shared office space which many people turn to when in desperate need of productivity! And there’s nothing quite as distracting as clutter and garbage around one’s work desk, so make this simple act an automatic daily routine for a better work place for you and everyone else attending the coworking hub.

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