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Make Your Commercial Real Estate Listing Stand Out

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No one knows the properties and spaces that you’re listing better than you do. But, these days, attention is coming at a premium—and it’s no different in commercial real estate. So, making sure that your listings stand out from the swath of available spaces is key. You know the basics—the best features, amenities, photos and so on. But, to truly stand out in today’s marketplace, it’s best to take a multifaceted approach and mix a bit of established psychology with the latest in aggregation and distribution tech.

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Picture is worth a thousand words

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

They catch and hold a prospect’s attention. Make them great. Focus on angles that open up the space up and showcase things like natural light and layout. Declutter the space. If you can, stage it to play to the prospect’s imagination of what the space could be. If the space has a view, include it, and make it one of the first photos in the carousel. If the space features premium finishes and materials, now’s the time to highlight those, too.

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Leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Everyone starts their search on Google, which indexes content based on relevant keywords and search terms. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. How would you search for spaces? What factors are important to you as a prospect? What words would you use for a specific region or asset? Now incorporate those words and phrases into your listing—in the title and throughout the post. They shouldn’t be forced. They should flow naturally.

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Keep Videos Short

People like watching more than reading. If you’re going to use video, brevity is your friend. Videos can be extremely useful—sometimes even game-changing. They’re immersive but, more important, they’re passive. But keep them short. They should be a teaser for the space, like a trailer is for a movie.

Tell the story

Tell the Story

People identify with stories. Tell them why your listing is special. Is the building historical or brand new? Are there premium amenities like a gym, concierge or daycare services for tenants? Differentiate your listing by focusing on the unique value propositions of the commercial space or property and play them up. Not only does this make your listing more desirable in the eyes of the prospect, but it also helps to distract from any less-desirable attributes.

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Use Technology

Get creative and use it to showcase the neighborhood and nearby amenities. Is there a subway station, park or interesting architecture nearby? Use a drone to show off those features. If your listings are still being built, use a drone to give prospects visual updates. Prospects like to check out the area and, more often than not, these shots or videos will be more up-to-date than search engine satellite images.

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Put it All Together

No two spaces or properties are alike, and all of these tips can be combined and rearranged in infinite ways. Use them to create unique and engaging listings. All that’s left is to get the word out. Many sites offer free postings, and some advertise them on multiple sites, like ours. The more sites your listing is on, the further your reach.

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