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Running Late? 14 Top Transport Apps & Services to Get You to Work on Time

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Apps are everywhere. When it comes to the world of work, there are apps to unlock a good work-life balance, make a digital nomad existence highly manageable, help you destress for a more productive and rewarding working life, as well as boost your productivity. Similarly, ridesharing apps and other commute-based services also assist the world’s workers in getting to the office on time. As such, here are 15 top transport apps and services, both ridesharing and commute-based, that will help you get to work on time.

#1 GoCarma

GoCarma is a peer-to-peer carpooling network and corporate ridesharing service that serves both individuals and companies. Each person in a vehicle needs to use the app and verify each trip for the carpooling service. GoCarma operates in the U.S., Europe, and China.

Features: Features vary depending on the service you require. For full details, see the company website.

Ride options: Private vehicles.

#2 Zimride

Zimride is a ridesharing service where the driver gets paid via PayPal for filling their seats. Passengers can book a ride via the app and get a full refund if the driver is a no-show.

Features: To get started, go to the website, find your network and register for an account. Then, just set up a profile and post a ride. You can also browse matches and contact people with whom you would like to rideshare.

Ride options: Private vehicles.

#3 Scoop

Scoop provides a carpooling service that brings together coworkers and neighbors who take similar paths to their destinations.

Features: Using the Scoop app, you can find other carpoolers in your area and get free Carpool Credits when you use the service. You can also schedule a carpool and Scoop’s algorithm will find the most efficient trip for its carpoolers.

Ride options: Private vehicles.

#4 Carzac

This carpooling app is intuitive to use, both for drivers and riders. The platform provides a wealth of information, too—not only for connecting commuters, but also allowing users to track their usage and access incentives.

Features: This carpooling app lets you pick a ride or drive with a swipe of your smartphone. Just select your journey details and it matches you to a driver or rider, depending on your preferences.

Ride options: Private vehicles.

#5 Duet

Duet provides a range of services for riders and drivers. For instance, its Mobility as a Service option supports first- or last-mile journeys, micro-transits and commute options. Its carpooling service also lets riders and drivers find matches in their local area.

Features: Schedule a carpool, pick a commute, and create or join a carpool.

Ride options: Private vehicles.

#6 Uber

Uber is probably the world’s most famous ride-sharing app. It’s available in 63 countries and more than 700 cities. Just request a ride through the app to be matched to a driver. Then, keep track of their location or contact them to get an update.

Features: Uber allows you to share your ride details so you can split your fare with someone else. You can also sync the app to your calendar and use multiple payment options.

Ride options: Uber Black, Uber Pool, Uber SUV, Uber X and Uber XL.

#7 Lyft

Lyft is a major carpooling service currently available in the U.S. and in Canada. The app works in a similar way to Uber and even lets you select a self-driving car, if one is available.

Features: Lyft carries out extensive background and DMV checks for its drivers; it also provides liability insurance.

Ride options: Lyft Line, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier, and Lyft Regular.

#8 Zify

This carpooling app lets you search and offer carpools. The service targets companies, allowing you to monitor all carpools through its dashboard, as well as enter trip details and employee profiles. It even provides rewards and credits.

Features: Book instantly or pre-book and find your best matches based on your preferences.

Ride options: Private vehicles.

#9 Gett

Previously known as GetTaxi, this Israel-based ridesharing app offers rides in more than 100 European cities. Gett is widely regarded as one of the cheapest ridesharing services because it doesn’t charge users more during peak periods. But, it also pays its drivers more than many other competing services.

Features: In-app tipping is available, but pricing is highly affordable. The drivers are also highly rated, and you can book up to two weeks in advance.

Ride options: Black, licensed taxi cabs.

#10 Curb

Curb provides a ride-sharing service to 65 cities in the U.S., operating a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles. Passengers can use a backseat monitor to keep an eye on the fare while they explore the surrounding area.

Features: Users can select a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and earn free rides using a referral system.

Ride options: Pair & Pay and Ride Now.

#11 Wingz

This peer-to-peer transportation company started by offering airport rides and recently opened its ride-sharing service. It covers more than 16 U.S. metropolitan areas and more than 20 airports.

Features: Book a ride from the airport up to two months in advance and select your preferred driver. There’s no surge pricing and the company provides liability insurance.

Ride options: Privately owned cars.

#12 Via

Via provides a ride-sharing service, but only covers specific routes in certain areas of the cities in which it operates—Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C. It also operates in the European cities of Amsterdam, Berlin and London through its ViaVan service.

Features: The driver picks up multiple passengers who are travelling in the same direction.

Ride options: Includes yellow cab rides.

#13 Professional Charter Services

The Professional Charter Services Commute To Work Program provides companies with a travel service for their staff. Operating in San Francisco, these shuttle services relieve staff from the stress of finding a space, as well as the expense of owning a vehicle.

Features: This service does not come with an app. Instead, just pick up the phone and talk through your requirements with an operator. The company provides corporate transportation, private group charter and airport transfer options. Each coach is Wi-Fi enabled.

Ride options: Private coaches.

#14 Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation also provides a coach-based shuttle and commuter transportation options. Operating in San Francisco, this company has more than 200 luxury vehicles.

Features: Bauer’s uses smart technology to improve its eco-credentials and offers a range of services, including its Corporate Commuter Program, which includes commuter shuttles, last-mile shuttles and shared company buses.

Ride options: Private vehicles.


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