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8 Low-Budget Ideas for an Office Makeover

Thinking about completely remodeling your office space but don’t know where to start? Interested in doing a complete makeover but don’t want to bust your budget on renovations? We totally get it and we’re here to help!

While it’s fully possible to spruce up your office space without hiring professional help, it’s important to know from the get-go that you’ll likely need to do most of the work yourself and compromise on a few things if you want to save some money in the process. The most amazing advantage to this is that you’ll be able to fully customize your bureau to be more in line with your business needs as well as your personal style. The creative opportunities are endless, but here are eight key ideas that can help you in your budget-friendly office makeover journey:

Rethink your space

First and foremost, you need to think about the layout and the design of your current office. Is the physical arrangement of the room clever? Are there any obstacles getting in your way or are there any dead spaces that could be used more efficiently? Is there enough natural light coming in through the windows? Think about all these aspects and more when drafting the blueprint to your new office layout to maximize the available space to your advantage.

Repaint your walls

A brand new coat of paint can do wonders for any interior and can definitely freshen up any type of room or office space. Take into consideration that the color of your choice can greatly affect your productivity and creativity, so choose wisely and avoid sterile tones and extremely dark shades.

Giant blackboard for brainstorming

When repainting your office space, you might want to integrate an accent wall to highlight an important corner or to simply give some life to the room. But what if we told you that with the help of chalk paint this can be not only a decorative solution, but also quite useful as well? This type of paint enables you to write on the wall with traditional chalk and can prove to be the perfect tool for brainstorming sessions or strategic planning. It works just like a traditional blackboard and the best news is that it can be found in various colors, so it doesn’t even need to be black in order for you to write on it!

Shelving & second hand furniture

Instead of paying out for brand new pieces of furniture, you can probably score some fantastic deals at your local thrift store or flea market. You’ll likely find a wide variety of shelves and cabinetry in mint condition, only being sold by their previous owners because they themselves opted for something new. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to channel your inner DIY-er, you can always paint your furniture to give it a look that better suits the rest of the office.

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Purge the junk & recycle old equipment

Packing all your belongings into boxes is part of the makeover process. But before you store away everything you own, take a second to ask yourself whether you really need to bring absolutely everything you had in the office back into your freshly-renovated space. You might want to go over your files, books, writing materials and other objects and see whether they’re still useful to you. If they’re not, recycle your old equipment, donate the things that somebody else might want and toss away anything else that’s no longer handy.

Systematize & reorganize

In line with our previous point, it’s highly important that you start reintroducing your stuff into the fresh office space in a systematic and efficient way. This is crucial to your future efficiency there, because you’ll be able to find all your things with ease if everything has a designated place and is organized neatly. Business people often have to deal with a lot of paperwork on a daily basis and they also have to store many files for future reference. Archiving your files digitally can save you a ton of space, and even if it might be tedious to scan them one-by-one, the end results will speak for themselves.

Decorate with framed prints

If your office space boasts a minimalist design or if it at first seems somewhat empty, one way to zing it up is by adding a couple of framed prints on the walls. They can be of various sizes, and colorful or black-and-white, and you can arrange them however you see fit. Motivational quotes can also work well in office spaces and can give you that additional boost you might need on a rainy, dull day at work.

Plants galore

Potted plants can also greatly improve the look of any indoor space. They’re not only extremely decorative and vibrant, but some of them will actually freshen up the air in your office, which will bring you a handful of health benefits in the long run.

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