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15 Top Sports Facilities Management Tools

When it comes to running a business, technology has given us an abundance of options to simplify the management process. With the help of a user-friendly phone app or a synced calendar we can be aware of the schedules of our peers, track performances, and tackle daily organizational tasks with ease.

Entrepreneurs running sports facilities should be happy to find that there are quite a few management tools specifically targeting their niche business profile. This type of software can help you maintain and organize your entrepreneurial venture by following a few extremely easy steps, saving you a myriad of time (and quite possibly even money) along the way.

Here are some of the best sports facilities management tools out there:


Kickstarting our list is one of the leading sports facilities management tools in the world. Amilia, a Montreal-based company, offers a tool which activates in various fields within the sports industry, aiming to cover all aspects of the business. Amilia features everything from staff management and facility statuses to financial reports and activity calendars. They offer their services in not only various sports categories, but also after school programs, camping opportunities, community centers, and parks and recreation.


EZFacility is another web-based software that helps handle management tasks in various areas of sports and fitness businesses. It offers tailored services to different sports divisions, and proclaims to deal with all aspects of the business so you can focus on your most important asset: your customers. It comes with facility management, automated features, staff resources, member tools, marketing options, and even reporting.


Dublin-based GLOFOX promises to revolutionize the entrepreneurial side of the boutique fitness industry through its user-friendly software that will help manage and grow your business. Their digital tool aims to turn one-time visitors into real-time loyal customers. They focus on 4 key actions: brand development, business management, membership building, and growth.


Gymmaster is member management software that lends a helping hand to gym and health club owners. The software is available in 38 different countries and offers a complete membership solution, including a member portal, prospect management, bookings, website integration, point of sale, and billing integration.

Member Solutions

Providing an all-inclusive cloud-based member management solution to sports-oriented businesses, Member Solutions seemingly covers all aspects of a business from marketing, promotions and management, to billing, payment processing, and bookings. They also offer a mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android devices. Their core clientele is made up of martial arts studios, fitness centers, personal trainers and affiliate gyms.

Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym is another industry leader with its gym management tool. Available in 50 different countries, the software is made up of a club member self-service dashboard, advanced analytics reporting, a point-of-sale system, and a collection of over 120 different reports. All of these pieces are aimed at helping you track customer habits and provide top quality services that match their needs and requirements.


The cloud-based platform Perfect Mind caters to the business needs of sports facilities of all sizes. Over 5,000 organizations worldwide are using this software thanks to its customization options and top quality services. PerfectMind targets mostly businesses within the martial arts, yoga, fitness, music, dance, education, and recreation categories.


Pike13 targets small businesses that offer recurring services to their customers. Through their user-friendly mobile app, virtually anyone can set up a business profile and start processing payments, bookings, scheduling, and client management.


Focusing on providing an easy-to-use solution to business owners that don’t have a lot of tech experience, PushPress is a simple and useful software for gym owners. The transparent platform helps you perform managerial tasks in a matter of minutes and contributes to drastically decreasing the time it takes to keep your entrepreneurial venture afloat.


RhinoFit proclaims to be simplified gym management software offering comprehensive services to help you manage your fitness business. Its strong suit is automation, which means that all you need to do is set up reservation reminders, automatic responses to bookings or any other type of messages and the software will take care of it all.


An all-in-one gym membership platform accessible both on the web and from any mobile device, TRIIB promises to offer you all the tools you might need in one user-friendly place. The platform boasts features like event management, performance tracking, integrated communication, and membership management, among others.


A leading tech company providing innovative solutions to corporate health services, gyms and personal trainers, Virtualgym serves over 15 million customers and 5,000 health clubs around the world. The founders continuously develop the platform based on customer feedback, offering new features aimed at making your life as an entrepreneur easier.


WellnessLiving is an all-in one business management tool for wellness and fitness-oriented businesses. It offers a separate platform for staff and clients and is fully-developed to make the entire booking, payment, and managing process extremely simple for both parties.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner somewhat differs from previous sports management tools. Besides all the traditional features, it also offers free, personalized training to customers with an onboarding coach. Additionally, it provides integrated payment processing, member self-service, automations, workout tracking, and a separate app for staff members.

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