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What is a building permit?
How do you get a building permit?

What is a building permit?

A building permit is an official permission that is granted by a competent administrative organization or office, which grants authority to demolish or erect a structure, or to make alterations or renovations to existing structures. It is also sometimes referred to as a construction permit.

How do you get a building permit?

The process behind obtaining a building or construction permit includes several stages:

– Project – this phase includes research regarding the property that is the subject of the work that requires authorization. The research will be specific to the type of activity that will be conducted and will result in a project. This is necessary, whether the work is demolishing, building, or adding to, modifying or renovating a building or structure
– Building permit application – applying for the required permit, with the appropriate local competent office, includes submitting the plans and projects that were put together after research.
– Application review – the application and project are reviewed, in order to asses the impact it would have on surrounding property (if any), or if the activity which requires the permit is in keeping with the zoning and property use rules that are in effect at the time or if any restrictions apply, among other aspects. Several corrections and/or changes may be required, during the review process. Applying for a permit usually involves some fees, as well.
– Obtaining the building permit – once the permit is issued, it must be displayed on site and ready for ensuing inspections, which are usually carried out in order to ensure that the construction work is in keeping with the authorization that was issued

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