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What is a violation?

Broadly stated, a violation is breaching a contract or agreement, or an act or condition that is not permissible.

In real estate, the term is most often applied to a misuse of property. Outstanding building or property violations can prevent the owner from selling or refinancing, as well as obtaining documents pertaining to the property.

For example, the New York City Department of Buildings will not issue new or amended Certificates of Occupancy or Letters of Completion, while certain violations remain unresolved. Moreover, if there is a toxic violation or unfit construction violations on the premises, this may also prevent the sale of neighboring properties.

In densely packed urban environments, protecting public safety dictates that certain acts or failures to act constitute violations of public safety. The list of types of violation may differ between municipalities, but here are a few common issues:

– Absence of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
– Absence of fire extinguishers
– Emergency exits require a key from the inside
– Failure to provide adequate heat and/or hot water
– Presence of mold
– Presence of pests
– Leakage of hazardous substances

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