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What is a Zone?
What does it mean when a property is zoned commercial?

What is a Zone?

A zone describes an area designated and limited by local or municipal authorities to specific uses, as defined by a zoning ordinance.

The ordinance, together with the zoning map, makes up the local zoning regulations. The map is usually divided up into zoning districts. Typically, a zone is represented by a letter, followed by a number (for example, C-1 or M-1), but how these are represented varies from one city to another, since it’s city councils or county commissions that oversee zoning laws.

Zoning restrictions can be a safeguard for people living in a predominantly residential area, from the noise and pollution generated by industrial activities, but it can also enable the development of vital commercial projects that can revive a struggling neighborhood.

Among the aspects that zoning laws address are: lot sizes, maximum building height, distances of buildings in relation to the road or other structures nearby, etc.

What does it mean when a property is zoned commercial?

There are various parameters that influence the zoning of a property or a district as commercial, such as the business use of the building(s) or the number of patrons. From offices, hotels, shopping centers, clubs, to apartments–all of them can fit under the commercial zoning. However, most zoning laws ascribe certain restrictions to businesses like bars or other establishments serving alcohol. For example, that such establishments should be at least a certain distance from nearby schools or places of worship.

– Other types of zoning include:
– Residential
– Industrial
– Agricultural
– Aesthetic

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