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Virtual Staging Software for Commercial Properties

When it comes to revolutionary technological advancements in the real estate industry, virtual staging is one of the most useful tools on the market. We all know the importance of good, high-quality photos when trying to sell a property, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or residential listing. This software takes appealing properties to an entirely different level without much effort.

The groundbreaking service provides realistic images of beautifully-furnished interiors to help potential buyers imagine and visualize how the listing’s empty spaces can look like once they purchase it. While traditional home staging involved moving large, heavy pieces of furniture by hand (taking real estate brokers and designers long hours to assemble), with the help of virtual staging software, one can achieve almost the same results with the simple click of a button.

For those in search of new commercial properties, appealing photos of their potential new places are of paramount importance. And since most buyers start their search online, showcasing visually-compelling properties can make any listing stand out. Virtual staging offers a much cheaper alternative to the traditional way of doing things. Instead of leasing expensive designer furniture and spending long hours putting together an impressive layout, a real estate broker can invest in a few good virtually-staged photos which can achieve better results in sales.

Furthermore, while traditional staging is quite limiting in terms of design and appearance, virtual staging software offers endless options limited only by one’s imagination. In fact, a broker can stage a property while the seller still occupies the space and can decorate a listing to be in line with the newest trends in terms of commercial real estate decoration. To summarize, the benefits of virtual staging software is endless and we believe is the easy, cost-effective future of home staging for both commercial and residential properties.

Check out a look at a handful of useful virtual staging tools:


Trusted and used by some of the largest commercial real estate companies in North America, BoxBrownie is a well-known virtual staging tool. They offer various photo editing services, including virtual staging, renovations, item removals, image enhancements, floor plans, and renders.

Their professional team is at your disposal to fill any empty commercial space with office furniture to show the listing’s potential and versatility. Images of commercial office spaces can be virtually furnished for a whopping $48 per image, whilst commercial non-offices are staged in exchange for $80 per image. While the cost of such work is significant, the chance of selling or leasing your property doubles with such high quality imagery, so it is often worth the investment.

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VHT Studios

With over 20 years of experience, VHT Studios is one of the nation’s most trusted names in property photography. They work on commercial and residential properties as well as mixed-use facilities, vacation rentals, restaurants, hotels, health and hospital facilities, recreational facilities, and even yachts and marinas.

With the help of their virtual staging tool, VHT Studios can help you re-imagine a room that will cost you merely a fraction of traditional staging and you will be able to sell 72% faster. They can stage empty spaces, repaint walls, remove dated wallpaper, and add accent walls. The tools also enables them to de-clutter a room and even to completely redesign its layout and redecorate the space in question. Their “twilight” option will help you wow your buyers with attention-grabbing light conditions.

Virtual Staging & Rendering Group

Virtual Staging & Rendering Group is another company that specializes in professional staging of residential and commercial properties. They also offer floor plan designs as well as architectural renderings of existing layouts.

The company specializes in virtual staging, virtual renovation, and photo editing-adjustments. Commercial virtual staging photos cost $190 per image and boast a 2-3 business day turnaround. Although it might seem costly at first, once you look at the level of professionalism with which they execute their projects and the authenticity of the photos, you will not be able to distinguish between virtually and traditionally staged interiors.

Spotless Agency

Spotless Agency has an impressive portfolio of architectural visualization, floor plan visualization, furniture renderings, and virtual staging. They offer three different pricing options for their virtual staging services, depending on your demands as a commercial real estate broker.

The $79 per photo light package includes premium image quality, a turnaround of up to 4 days, and 1 change.  The standard package costs $99 per photo, is performed by top stagers and contains premium image quality turnaround of up to 2 days, 2 edits, and exquisite attention to detail. The professional package will set you back $199 per image and offers premium quality, next day delivery, up to 5 changes, and ensures thorough control by the company’s CEO. It is performed by top stagers and includes high-priority performance, with utmost attention to details.

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