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Explore 20 of the Best Coworking Spaces in San Francisco

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As we enter the second half of the year, the demand for coworking offices in the San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, coworking hubs have been actively expanding their offices, with numerous companies opting to spread into midsize facilities ranging between 15,000 and 50,000 square feet. But shared office spaces aren’t just large in size in San Fran, they’re quite varied as well. There are several different types of hubs scattered all around the city, some with their own specializations and others providing general office spaces.

Here are 20 must-see coworking hubs in San Francisco:


Located at the periphery of the Financial District, at 845 Market Street, Bespoke boasts a long history of providing high quality services at its shared office. The coworking hub is just a stone’s throw away from everything you might need, from trendy shops and cafes to varied restaurants and bars.

This coworking company has just extended its beautifully decorated office spaces and currently features an abundance of new, private office suites. Besides these, Bespoke provides a wide range of amenities free to members, like the gorgeous library with its sleep nooks, 14 conference rooms that differ in size and features, shared offices and dedicated desks.


Situated not too far away from Bespoke, at 1446 Market Street, Birdnest advertises itself as a different type of coworking hub, offering privacy, affordability and low commitment to its members. The central location offers the additional advantage of easy access to all types of amenities, including public transportation and highways.

Instead of having enormous shared offices, Birdnest features smaller private nooks which can accommodate a handful of people at once. It is ideal for small businesses with a limited number of employees who need to work together on a project. The bright and spacious offices come fully furnished and can be leased via a flexible, month-to-month contract.


Canopy is an up-and-coming coworking hub, boasting elegant, completely furnished and fully equipped shared and private offices. It has two different locations in San Francisco, one in Pacific Heights and one in Jackson Square, with a third shared office in the Financial District set to open later this year.

Canopy promises not only a place to connect your laptop and work, but also an immersive experience where you can get to meet and brainstorm with like-minded business owners. Thanks to the numerous weekly events, business school mixers and gatherings, Canopy is a great place not only to meet others, but also to gather information and develop insight that can help you and your business thrive.

Center for New Music

A niche shared office space specializing in welcoming artists and musicians, the Center for New Music, located at 55 Taylor Street can easily be accessed by anyone and everyone. It lies in a friendly neighborhood in the Tenderloin District, boasting proximity to shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Not merely a general coworking hub, the Center for New Music supports local artists by giving them full access to tools, instruments and a library with a vast collection of sheet music and books. Musicians have a chance to show off their skills at the locally-organized concerts, while visual artists can actually hold an exhibition to showcase their finest work.


Wrapped around a terrific coffee shop, café and tap room and boasting 18,000 square feet in a tri-level building filled with art, culture and community, Covo’s co-working space has one purpose – create a space you’ll be proud to call home. They offer flexible membership, hourly working rates, rooms for every need, open seating and even a semi-private office. When it’s time for a break, you can also find some of SF’s best restaurants and museums in the neighborhood.


Another coworking space aimed at musicians, artists and entrepreneurs eager to combine the elements of entertainment and business, Eco-systm can be found at 540 Howard Street. Located close to the center of the city, the office offers proximity to all the fantastic amenities Downtown San Francisco is famous for.

Eco-systm is home to a community of business-oriented individuals from a wide range of different fields, who can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. It has its own art gallery that supports local artists, and features a large shared office space, a few private offices, a shared kitchen and plenty of fun events after hours to help you get to know your co-workers.

Founders Den

Situated at 665 3rd Street in South Park, the Founders Den boasts quite a desirable location, not too far away from Downtown San Fran and merely a stone’s throw away from the Marina. It is home to more than a dozen startup companies, such as AdBlock, Codepath, Stronghold and Docker.

In order to get a place of your own at this high-end, exclusive coworking office, you need to be referenced by someone on the inside, because the access is invite-only. Once you’re in, you’ll get to take part in a wide range of growth seminars, insightful events and courses that can help you grow your business in a highly inspiring, yet invigoratingly competitive environment.


Located at 44 Tehema Street, Galvanize San Francisco serves as a home base for startups and established companies alike, offering all of the amenities of a coworking space, plus learning opportunities, resources and access to the network that a growing startup needs. On top of the five floors dedicated to creators, innovators and passionate learners, lies a rooftop boasting gorgeous views of downtown and the San Francisco Bay–a real treat for those looking to unwind.

Impact Hub San Francisco

Part of the Mission District near the center of the city, Impact Hub San Francisco can be found at 1885 Mission Street. Nearby you’ll find everything you might need for a refill, from trendy cafes to vegetarian restaurants and burger joints.

The San Francisco base is part of a chain of over 85 coworking offices all around the world, which aim to bring together like-minded business people to learn, work and evolve together. The membership-based community enjoys unlimited access to the myriad events organized by Impact Hub, which are not only informative, but can also be a pleasant way of getting to know professionals from various backgrounds. Impact Hub boasts dedicated desks, private offices and numerous common spaces, including a kitchen, showers, meeting rooms and community lounges.


Located right at the very heart of San Fran, the Parisoma is a general coworking office providing space for entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers of all backgrounds. It boasts a laid-back atmosphere mixed with a creative vibe, which will surely come in handy when you need to be your most productive self.

Through three different membership packages (open space, dedicated desk, and private office), everyone can choose the one that fits their exact needs and requirements. Make the most of your membership by attending the more than 100 yearly events aimed at helping you grow your business with the help of dedicated mentors.

Radiant Workspaces

With an immaculate and bright interior, and a plethora of charming details, Radiant Workspaces definitely lives up to its name. It can be found at 1796 18th Street, just south of Downtown San Fran, near breweries, cafes and restaurants.

Contrary to other huge coworking hubs, Radiant Workspaces aims to provide a familiar and cozy work environment, with small, but beautifully maintained shared offices. It hosts plenty of networking events, courses and even wine tastings, while trying to build a strong community of empowered women entrepreneurs.


RocketSpace advertises itself as a coworking hub for tech startup companies, and is located at 180 Sansome Street, in the north eastern part of the city. Offering sleek offices called “break-out spaces,” this hub aims to help small tech businesses thrive.

At their Tech Campus you can opt for a dedicated desk with 24/7 access or a hot desk that you can grab any time you need to while enjoying full access to campus amenities. Small teams will surely enjoy the private offices with 24/7 access, cloud-computing workshops and the possibility to attend membership-based workshops and mingle with the online community.


Another tech-oriented coworking hub, Runway offers not only office spaces, but also accelerator and mentorship programs, and corporate innovation strategies along with various events all aimed at further developing one’s business.

Runway is located in the heart of the city, on 1355 Market Street, close to the best of what Downtown San Francisco has to offer. It provides a vibrant, lively and proactive work environment, so it’s not exactly meant for those merely looking for a simple and quiet desk space. On the other hand, this is just the place for individuals looking to join mentorship programs, take part in the frequent business-oriented events, and kick back with others during happy hour.


With a more focused atmosphere than the previous two coworking hubs, SHARED boasts a well-equipped nook for everyone from artists to engineers. Located at 739 Bryant Street, it lies near the Bay and not too far away from Downtown San Francisco’s many amenities.

Besides traditional shared office spaces, private offices and designated desks, SHARED offers unlimited access to various tools, equipment, sewing paraphernalia and a workshop. It also holds regular exhibits where members can expose their most cherished work, whether a painting, a sculpture, a dress or even a piece of jewelry.


Situated at 450 Townsend Street, this coworking hub is one of many SOMAcentral shared office spaces found all around the world. Located close to Mission Bay, it lies in the proximity of main transportation routes, shops, restaurants and cafes.

It boasts both dedicated and hot desks for those who are looking for a simple and productive place where they can tackle their daily tasks. Private offices can also be leased and SOMAcentral offers a wide array of rooms where you can house from 3 to more than 20 people at a time. It’s a great place for those in search of a friendly environment to work in without the hassle of networking events.

Startup Basecamp

Not your usual shared office space, Startup Basecamp can be found in the northern part of Downtown San Fran, at 900 Franklin Street. It offers a unique blend of a coworking hub combined with the option of co-living with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Startup Basecamp advertises itself as the first Silicon Valley startup hotel. Individuals can not only enjoy the perks of the office equipment during the day, but also brainstorm with people in similar situations before everyone retires to their private rooms. It also offers three programs with different mindsets–focus, growth and survival–helping rookie companies to develop their strategies in order to find long-term success.


Occupying the 5th and 6th floors of the Grant & Geary Center Building, TechSpace San Francisco Union Square features 25,000 square feet, encompassing 29 private office suites and 337 workstations. This location also offers easy access to public transportation such as BART, cable car lines, trolley and bus lines, and the F Market heritage streetcar. Whether you are analyzing data, conceptualizing strategies or pitching clients, TechSpace’s suites and workstations are the perfect setting to make it all happen.

The Vault

Situated between Chinatown and the Financial District, you’ll find The Vault at 415 Jackson Street, in the north-eastern part of Downtown San Fran. It is near to everything you might need to refresh your brain during a tough work day.

According to its slogan, The Vault offers three things: innovation, collaboration and acceleration. A highly proactive shared office space, it boasts creative coworking places, private offices, workshops, resources and a global network of business-oriented individuals who mentor those in need. If you’re looking for a generous and well-equipped place to host your event, you can also lease one of the two grandiose common areas at The Vault.

Treehouse Society

Another shared office space at the heart of Chinatown, located at 730 Commercial Street, the Treehouse Society boasts both deskspaces in communal offices and private nooks for small teams. You can not only work on your laptop here, but you can also conduct a meeting or run a workshop by leasing one of many available conference and meeting rooms.

A unique feature of this coworking hub is its focus on crypto-currencies. The Treehouse Society offers insightful seminars and lectures on the ins and outs of the crypto business, tackling topics such as legal information, cloud mining and even money trading.


At 149 New Montgomery Street, Werqwise boasts a stylish and impeccable shared office space with 5 different membership packages. With such varied opportunities, you’ll likely find a great option for yourself and your small business here, whether you’re looking for a dedicated desk, a simple mailing address or a private office nook.

Mingle with other entrepreneurs in the numerous common lounges of Werqwise or prep yourself a nice meal in the shared kitchen. The conference rooms, the networking opportunities, the flexible contracts and the fact that the entire place is dog-friendly are additional highlights.

Workshop Café

Last but not least, we’re concluding our list with Workshop Café, located at 180 Montgomery Café, on the corner between the Financial District and The East Cut. As its name suggests, it is more than a simple workspace, but rather it combines a shared office with the chance to refill with some fine food and drinks.

But besides all this, Workshop Café also offers an artsy-tech venue where you can host your event and invite between 10 and 240+ people. Impress your clients by setting up a meeting in one of the well-equipped and fully furnished meeting rooms, which can house more than 10 attendees.

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