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3 Security Insights to Improve Your Commerical Building in 2021

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Article author: Patrick Chown, Safe and Sound Security.

There’s no doubt that our workspaces will never be the same: Corporate America might be downsizing its real estate footprint. But, regardless of all the alarming headlines and doomsday scenarios, commercial buildings are not going away. In fact, a recent survey revealed that three out of four workers hoped to return to an office at some point in the future.

Certainly, the pandemic had a negative effect on commercial real estate in terms of occupancy and revenue. However, with a strong vaccination campaign underway, companies are quickly adjusting to this new reality. But, the stakes are high, and the time is now for property managers to evaluate their building’s security setup.

Safety and security remain top priorities for property managers who wish to operate a safe building while adhering to pandemic guidelines. And, as a new normal begins to take shape, tenants will expect a more safety-oriented facility. From sanitizing stations to touchless security solutions, commercial buildings are demanding less contact and more technology.

Here are three security insights for property managers to consider as they adjust to a post-pandemic world.

Security Assessment

People often think that a security assessment is only necessary prior to the beginning of a new project. But, the truth is that a thorough assessment provides a lot of valuable information. And, with so many updates and new technologies hitting the market, now is a good time to arrange a security assessment and pick the brain of a qualified security integrator before making any major changes.

Security systems integrators design, install and manage solutions to protect people, property and profits. Among other skills, a good security integrator should be able to:

  • Assess your current physical security situation and identify vulnerabilities.
  • Devise a comprehensive and holistic security system to address these challenges.

Touchless Security Systems

Meanwhile, in light of the global pandemic, property managers are now rethinking the way their tenants interact with security systems. Specifically, the goal is to provide a secure environment with minimal contact. As a result, security integrators are helping property owners implement contactless systems that address today’s safety challenges and meet high security standards. And, from contactless access control systems to automatic doors, many commercial buildings are embracing these innovative technologies.

Essentially, people want to minimize contact in public areas, and touchless security systems help eliminate the need for contact — in addition to supporting safety guidelines. Examples of leading and innovative contactless security solutions include:

  • Automatic door openers that address the issue of touching a key card or a reader without compromising the security of the building
  • Mobile access control systems that enable smartphones to function as credentials and thereby eliminate the need for other contact base solutions
  • Facial recognition technology that can be incorporated with access control and consequently streamline the identification validation process

Adapt & Overcome

It’s been more than one year since office workers were sent home due to the pandemic. And, while executives continue to face big questions about how much space is truly needed, property managers have to deal with the challenge of maintaining a safe and secure building in a post-pandemic world. While companies adjust to this reality, property managers can help their tenants adapt to this reality by obtaining professional support and implementing innovative solutions for a safe and successful 2021.

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Patrick Chown is the owner and president of Safe and Sound Security. With a commitment to exceptional service and nationwide coverage, Safe and Sound Security specializes in integrating Security Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarms, and Structured Cabling. By investing in the latest research and development, Safe and Sound stays on the cutting edge of technology.

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