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6 Architecture Firms that Design Miami Office Space

In today’s article we’re shining some light on some of the most influential architecture firms in Miami which specialize in developing impressive office spaces not only in Magic City, but in other parts of the U.S. as well. All these companies have made a name for themselves by continuously upping the ante with their clever designs and groundbreaking innovations. You’ll surely hear a lot about them in the future and we’re quite excited to see what they’ll create next!

Until then, get to know these 6 awesome architecture firms in Miami that specialize in designing trendy office spaces and find out all about their most high-profile projects:


Kicking off our list is CallisonRTKL, a Baltimore-based architecture firm with an office situated in the outskirts of Miami. The company as we know it today is the result of a 2015 merger of two powerhouse businesses, Seattle-based Calliston and Annapolis-based RTKL Associates. Both firms were acquired by Arcadis NV and melded together with the aim of leveraging more geographic locations all around the world, by utilizing the two companies’ combined 70 years of experience.

CallisonRTKL has a team of over 1,700 professionals in different parts of the world committed to advancing their clients’ businesses through creative and practical designs. One of the firm’s most impressive accomplishments to date is the Brickell World Plaza, located in Downtown Miami, one of the tallest buildings in Magic City.

Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design

Headquartered in Miami, Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design was founded in 1995 and is known for planning and designing residential developments in not only the U.S., but in the Middle East, the Black Sea region and the Caribbean as well. The company specializes in residential properties (single- and multi-family developments), historic preservation, commercial real estate, institutional design, master planning and interior design.

Throughout their nearly 25 years of existence, the company’s efforts have been recognized with numerous accolades, including the Excellence in Design Award, the AIA Outstanding Service Award and the ARDA Gold Award for Hotel Conversion. One of the firm’s most notable projects is the glass high-rise of 1101 Brickell Avenue, which was renovated by Kobi Karp Architercture & Interior Design and which houses Class A office spaces.

1101 Brickell Avenue

Oppenheim Architecture

Miami-based Oppenheim Architecture is an award-winning firm that opened its doors in 1999 and has offices in New York and Basel, Switzerland.  The architecture, planning and interior design company aims to offer evocative and economic design solutions with timeless yet functional elements. Their goal is to harmonize their projects with their respective surroundings, a philosophy they’ve implemented in all their designs that they’ve completed in over 25 countries.

The firm specializes in planning, designing and constructing residential buildings, mixed-use hotels and resorts, retail and commercial offices. Speaking of office spaces, one of their most striking projects is the GLF Headquarters located in the outskirts of Downtown Miami, with over 20,000 square feet of neatly designed bureaus. The company has undertaken the project with simplicity and clever use of space in mind, putting together a contemporary icon that has become a strong presence in Miami.


Perkins+Will is a research-based, interdisciplinary architecture firm with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The oldest company on our list, it was founded back in 1935 and has over 80 years of experience in designing and creating healthy, sustainable places. The company’s website claims that it has more LEED-accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professionals than any other company in North America and it has quite an impressive list of LEED-certified projects under its belt.

One of the company’s most remarkable designs is the Academic Support Center of Miami-Dade College, an intriguing project that brings learning and administrative functions together. The development boasts 21 930-square-foot classrooms, a resource and testing service, and an administrative center with admission offices that will serve up to 120,000 students.

Wannemacher Jensen Architects

Florida-based Wannemacher Jensen Architects is a regional leader that “creates engaging spaces for working, living, learning and playing.” The St. Petersburg-based company has over 25 years of experience in designing plans and making dreams become a reality through purpose-driven solutions. Over the years, the firm’s innovative designs have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Garcia Award, the University of Florida Young Architect Award, and the Dean Rowe Award for Design Excellence. They were also responsible for the First LEED Platinum Community Center and the First LEED Platinum Government Building in Florida.

Among their many distinguished projects, the eye-catching C1 Bank’s Wynwood Branch is definitely worth mentioning. From the first moment you step inside and take a look around, you’ll likely never look at banks in the same way again. The Tech Data Office Building is also worth noting, with its simple and efficient design, harnessing the power of natural light through its abundance of windows.

Zyscovich Architects

Zyscovich Architects is a privately held, Miami-based architecture and planning company established in 1977. With additional offices in New York City and Bogota, Columbia, the firm specializes in a term they’ve coined Real Urbanism®, which basically means that they create their designs with the history and economics of the local community in mind, to better match their requirements. They specialize in large-scale mixed-use, transportation, educational, retail, commercial, multi-family residential and hospitality projects.

One of the company’s most notable projects is the Right Space 2 Meet office in Downtown Miami, which offers a collaborative atmosphere through innovative design elements to help spark a professional environment among freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs. The industrial-chic office spaces of Urban Resource Group in Miami Beach, boasting an appearance that is in line with the company’s core values and goals, are also worth mentioning.

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