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Company Spotlight: Trammell Crow

In today’s article the spotlight shines on one of the leading commercial real estate developers and investors of the U.S. market, the Trammell Crow Company. With over seven decades of hard work and experience, this long-established corporation is often considered a pioneer in its field. Learn all about the history, the products and the services of the Trammell Crow Company here:

Becoming the largest landlord in the US

This large corporation has quite humble beginnings. It was founded in 1948 by Fred Trammell Crow, a former accountant in Dallas who learned about management in the Navy and later built up a vast contact list in the banking world, all of which helped him make his transition into the real estate industry.

He began with leasing out his family’s warehouse to tenants and built the first in a series of warehouses for one of its lessees, battery manufacturer Ray-O-Vac, once the firm outgrew the premises. Making the most of the postwar boom which elevated Dallas to become a regional business center, Trammell Crow constructed more than fifty warehouses across the city, basing its business on “building on speculation” and forming long-lasting partnerships with collaborators instead of simply closing a business deal and then moving on to the next client.

Reshaping city skylines

Trammell Crow completed the construction of the Dallas Decorative Center in 1955, which was followed by a series of other development projects in the Texas metropolis, including the Dallas Market Center, Market Hall, and the Trade Mart. By 1970 the corporation had expanded its services nationwide, constructing hotels, residential buildings, office complexes and shopping malls in large cities all across the United States.

Hardships, mergers, and subsidiarization

Though the corporation evolved rapidly and its founder amassed a fortune along the way, Trammell Crow started encountering hardships in the form of high interest rates and increasing debt. Despite this, the firm continued with its development strategy, even though it had to sell some of its properties.

The company was completely restructured and expanded its activities to include investment banking and property management as well. After overcoming the obstacles and completing major projects in the 1980s, Trammell Crow was said to have had 2.8 million square feet under development in 1992.

In 1997 the company went from private to public as TCC in the New York Stock Exchange. Eight years later it merged its enterprise in St. Louis with Krombach Partners, Inc., and merely six months later acquired a Cleveland-based boutique commercial real estate service. The Trammell Crow Company was acquired by the world-renowned CBRE Group Inc., becoming an independently-functioning subsidiary with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


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A wide variety of products and services

Trammell Crow Company is known for its vast experience in all things real estate (both residential and commercial), and it still excels in this regard. The company offers services to both tenants and investors, dealing with everything from evaluation and planning to strategy execution and development. They also provide customizable, built-to-suit solutions to organizations, corporations, and non-profits, as well as for anyone looking for a personalized product.

With the aim of providing practical spaces, Trammell Crow is open to and encourages the construction of mixed-use development complexes. They specialize in strategic place-making, guaranteeing retail developments in well-positioned locations, in order to generate a reliable source of revenue. Their highly-trained and experienced staff can undertake diverse development tasks, from site planning and financial underwriting to negotiating with anchor tenants and procuring financing.

One of the vital activities of Trammell Crow since its inception more than 70 years ago has been developing and investing in industrial property, a branch of the business that is still thriving today. The company doesn’t shy away from complicated and high-demand projects, and puts the services of their knowledgeable experts at the disposal of their clients—to come and save the day!

Another specialty of the US’s leading real estate firms is office development and everything which that encompasses. Whether you’re merely looking for someone to help define your needs, a professional team to help you plan, design and develop your dream office space, or an experienced group to deal with negotiating the land of your choice, Trammell Crow can take care of all these aspects for you and more.

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Besides the vast expertise shown in commercial and residential real estate, the company also has a subsidiary specializing in environmental services through four different programs. They ensure Brownfield Acquisitions Development, Environmental Project Management and have a designated Tenant Inspection Program. Additionally, Trammell Crow have developed their very own healthcare and life sciences program, offering a wide range of services and expertise regarding medical buildings and life care facilities.

By smartly overcoming obstacles and continuously keeping up with the ever-changing real estate market, Trammell Crow Company has managed to cement its status as an enduring player in the industry in its seven decades of existence.

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