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Coworking Spaces With Top-Notch Amenities for Sound Engineers, Producers and Music Enthusiasts

As more and more coworking hubs appear on a daily basis in all corners of the country, competition has become quite intense among these types of shared office spaces. This cutthroat market has challenged their owners to come up with various solutions in order to stand out from the crowd.

The most effective way to do this is to specialize in a niche market and target only one group of entrepreneurs, creatives, or small business owners. This way, the coworking hub can concentrate strictly on individuals working in similar fields and offer services that directly impact and influence their respective professions.

While in previous articles we’ve already presented shared office spaces that are aimed at writers and film industry enthusiasts, today we’re showcasing a handful of coworking hubs boasting top notch amenities for sound engineers, producers, and music enthusiasts.

Studio Cowork

Situated in Minneapolis’ Golden Valley in the city’s western outskirts, Studio Cowork occupies the site of an old radio station. The setting was perfect for a shared office space offering a quiet and well-equipped base for budding entrepreneurs who can conduct their business online. The coworking hub’s greatest feature is the professionally-soundproofed podcast studio, which can be rented by the hour.

Signal Creative Community

Aiming to inspire, connect, and equip their members with resources and support in order for them to reach their full potential, Signal is the ultimate coworking hub for music, sound, and creative professionals. It promises not only an inspiring setting with all the requisite professional equipment, but also vows to provide an encouraging community vibe based on creative collaborations and constructive professional partnerships.

InDo Nashville

Targeting individuals within the coworking industry, InDo Nashville stands for Inspiration Domain. The coworking hub offers quirky shared office spaces, UnCubicles, event spaces, and office suites to members. They also feature a designated songwriting room with affordable 3-hour sessions for budding musicians.

San Antonio Sound Garden

SA Sound Garden is much more than a simple coworking hub or a gathering of like-minded individuals. It is a place dedicated to building the city’s music education pipeline through a variety of production, recording, and music business programs, studio sessions, courses and seminars. It is perfect for those interested in working together as well as curious about learning from their peers and mentors.

Center for New Music

Founded in 2012 in San Francisco by two enthusiastic composer performers, the Center for New Music has double function. During the day, it serves as a sleek coworking hub where anyone can set up meetings, immerse themselves into their respective projects, and even rehearse. In the evenings, the entire setting turns into a vibrant and lively space that is home to concerts workshops and seminars that can be accessed by all members.

NY Studio Factory

With over 15 years of experience in the domain, NY Studio Factory has cemented itself as one of the veterans coworking hubs within the music industry. Targeting artists of all shapes and sizes, including writers, producers, designers, painters, seamstresses and even therapists, this wonderful shared office space provides a comfortable and professional base so members can pursue their work with ease and inspiration.


Situated minutes away from Downtown Manhattan in the very heart of Staten Island, TechBox promises an affordable and well-equipped setting for your thriving creative business. They feature private studios and dedicated desks in shared office spaces, along with abundant rehearsal space, artist studios, and a variety of other features that aim to open doors for music production.

The Articulate

The Articulate advertises itself as a collective for creatives, offering a stylish setting for thought leaders and creative professionals in Northern Colorado. They feature a vibrant atmosphere, members-only events, creativity-inducing office spaces, professional conference rooms, and a fully-equipped photo-video studio. The hub lies at the heart of Fort Collins’ thriving art and music scene, steps away from trendy cafés, chic restaurants, and boutiques.

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