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How to Organize the Best Christmas Office Party Ever

As we approach the end of the year, the start of the Christmas celebrations and the time when most people grab some much-needed time off work, organizing an office party is perhaps one of the best ways to part with your coworkers before the holiday kicks in. This type of get-together can be very entertaining and can provide a wonderful opportunity to gather with colleagues and bosses in an informal setting, to reflect on the year that has passed and, most importantly, to enjoy some fun times together.

An awesome office Christmas party can definitely lift the overall morale at your company, strengthen the community vibe, reinforce the team spirit and give your workplace a more enjoyable ambiance going forward. When setting up such an event at the office, you should be aware of some key factors and rules that go some way to ensuring a successful Christmas party.

Here are seven fantastic tips to help you organize a workplace Christmas party that will be the talk of the office for years to come:

Establish a date

When deciding the exact date when the event should be held, keep in mind that December is quite a busy period for many. And while Christmas is celebrated near the end of the month, Hanukkah starts on the 2nd of December and lasts until the 10th. So make sure you ask your colleagues and bosses about their respective holiday festivities and set up the office end-of-year party in such a way that most people can participate, even if you have to plan it for the end of November.

Decorate on a theme

Organizing the party with a fun theme in mind might increase the overall enthusiasm of your coworkers, especially if a dress code is involved. With this in mind, get together with your colleagues and put together some creative decorations so everyone can get into the mood from the first moment they arrive. Make sure you respect your allocated budget and don’t splurge all the money on shiny ornaments!

Order food, drink and music

To match your themed office party, order the food and drinks accordingly and don’t forget to set the mood with corresponding music. If your event’s theme is, say, the Great Gatsby, then booking a Jazz band might be appropriate. However, if you’re organizing instead a 1980’s disco-themed party, then a sole DJ will surely suffice. The snacks, appetizers and drinks can also be served in a way to match the party theme, providing additional décor.

Ensure fun vibes

Just in case you need a few ice breakers to get the party started, you can always set up a couple of game stations to ensure some additional fun for those who don’t like to dance. Whether that’s a Pictionary station, Holiday charades, Santa Limbo or a Guessing Game with movies or songs, these can provide a few extra options for some Christmassy fun at the office party.

Don’t force interactions

Be mindful of the fact that people come to the office Christmas party to enjoy themselves and not to participate in forced interactions and games they don’t like. If you notice that your coworkers would rather mingle with each other in an effortless way, simply talking and enjoying a few drinks together, don’t put pressure on them to perform otherwise—let the evening take its natural course.

Outsource tasks

Setting up a party for tens or even hundreds of people is no easy feat and you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to others as and when you need to. If you’ve taken it upon yourself to organize the entire office shindig, you should probably start by putting together a team to help you out and preserve your sanity in the process. Make sure you outsource tasks to people with a bit of expertise in the matter, people who have a few useful connections or know where to look for essential services.


Last but not least, don’t forget about the Christmas office party’s main purpose: providing a fun opportunity for people to mingle, a chance for your colleagues, bosses and associates to unwind. So pour yourself a glass of punch, show off your dance moves and make the most of this quality get-together which comes just once a year!

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