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8 Team Building Companies for a Better Community Atmosphere

Investing in team buildings and forming a lively, fun community atmosphere for employees should be every company’s top priority. While many regard it as an unnecessary and costly investment, in reality, happier and more fulfilled staff members are much more enthusiastic, productive, and motivated at their jobs than employees who are not part of such an environment.

When it comes to team building activities you can always DIY the entire event by using the myriad of online resources containing information about fun games and interactive community-based activities. However, if you really want to show appreciation to your workers and don’t want to deal with the hassle of organizing such an event, then you can always turn to professionals.

There are actually many companies and businesses in different corners of the US that cater to this need and provide a vast range of team building services. They arrange everything from decoration to props, activities, and even set up accommodation and transportation for the entire group of staff. All you and your employers need to do is to show up and enjoy! If you’re interested in hiring professionals to organize team building activities for your firm, check out some of the best companies in the US that can help you out in this regard:


Kicking off our list is Bridges, a Memphis-based nonprofit organization, which offers a wide range of services including organizing team buildings for corporations. They design and implement activities based on your requirements and are extremely flexible in this regard. Bridges can provide not only hands-on exercises which can improve teamwork and problem-solving skills, they are also keen to take things into the great outdoors and provide intriguing activities in a natural setting.

Perfect Parties USA

If you want to turn your corporate team building event into a massive and extremely fun celebration, then Perfect Parties USA is the company you should contact. They’re the perfect choice if you want to forget about traditional activities and are looking for something much more memorable that will be talked about by the coffee machine for years to come. Game shows, giant beer pongs, corporate picnic games, community tile walls, and ice breaker workshops are all within their area of expertise, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them for a personalized offer.

Pin Stack Bowling

Pin Stack Bowling offers the perfect setting for an entertaining and unforgettable outing with your co-workers. You will not only have access to bowling lanes, you can also eat delicious food, play Laser Tag or video games, ride bumper cars, or even climb walls! Thematic nights complete with sumptuous meals prepared by the on-site chef paired with alcoholic beverages can also provide a nice informal atmosphere where you can get together with your peers.

Pinot’s Palette

If you’re looking for an extremely unique way to help your team thrive and channel their inner creativity, then Pinot’s Palette might offer just the thing you’re looking for. Tailored to company needs and policies, this visionary firm offers guided painting events coupled with your favorite beverages. You can opt for traditional, collaborative, Jigsaw, self-guided, musical chairs or mystery painting sessions and have all the fun in the world in a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

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Santa Barbara Adventure Company

Leaders tired of the cold and drab office setting should contemplate taking their entire group into the great outdoors and letting Santa Barbara Adventure Company do all the legwork for them. They organize energetic team building activities like sea kayaking, hiking, biking, and geocaching. For those offices that would enjoy more low-key events, SBAC also offers high ropes courses, field Olympics, and wine blending.

Sunsail Yacht Charters

Sunsail Yacht Charters is a leading global sailing holiday company with over 45 years of experience. Besides holidays, sailing schools, yacht ownership and racing, the company also provides corporate team building services. Unite your crew and use the power of sailing to offer your employees a one-day corporate sailing package they will never forget.

USA Hot Air Balloons

If you don’t want to stay indoors and would preferably avoid water as well, then why not lift your entire team up by taking them to the air? With USA Hot Air Balloons you can arrange thematic team building event helping your team decrease stress and have a nice, memorable time in a unique setting.

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