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What is a Digital Nomad?

Thanks to technology’s enormous advances a new type of working called ‘digital nomadism’ has recently emerged on the horizon. There are many prejudices and misconceptions regarding this term, and so we’d like to clear the air about what exactly a digital nomad is, what kind of work they do, the pros and cons of the lifestyle and we’ll give a few tips in case you’re interested in becoming one yourself. Read on to find out everything you need to know about being a digital nomad:

The definition of a digital nomad

Digital nomads are computer users who roam around without having a long-term base to call home, all the while sustaining themselves by working remote jobs. They have little possessions and refrain from the traditional 9-to-5 office schedule in favor of working wherever and whenever they like, thanks to the freedom their laptops and wireless devices give them. The location that digital nomads choose can be anything from the side of a mountain to a tropical beach in Asia, as long as they can get connected and have proper Internet to do their work.

Tasks and jobs of a digital nomad

If you’re already dreaming of sipping some fresh pineapple juice on a white-sand beach on the other side of the globe, hold on a second! Digital nomadism can be fun, fulfilling and can give you the opportunity to travel to exotic places and explore new cultures whilst still holding down a relatively well-paying job. But work is still work, and even if that turquoise-colored sea is calling your name, you can’t jump into the waters head-first until you’ve completed your tasks for the day.

Regarding the types of jobs digital nomads do, they can be from every category from writing and accounting to sales or even healthcare. The baseline is that they don’t need to be physically present at their jobs and can therefore leisurely travel around and work from their laptops. They can be self-employed or work at a company that encourages remote working, which promises additional freedom since they are their own bosses.

Advantages of being a digital nomad

A change in scenery can do wonders and digital nomads often experience peak productivity in beautiful foreign lands. When you’re in paradise, you’re pretty motivated to tackle your daily tasks and head to the beach as soon as possible! By immersing yourself in the local culture, understanding the locals’ habits and maybe even learning their language, you may gradually become a more adaptable person, not only regarding your work but also your entire life.

The people you meet might become long-lasting friends and the experiences you gain will provide unforgettable memories. Digital nomads often forget about the workload and only remember the exciting adventures, fun activities and gorgeous landscapes. By opting to travel to a country with a lower cost of living, you won’t need to take on so much work to pay the bills and you might even have more time for yourself, for your projects and for your own personal goals.

Disadvantages of being a digital nomad

While the life of a digital nomad might seem glamorous at first, quite a lot of discipline, planning and organization is required to pull it off. They need to hustle a lot to make ends meet and ensure that they can experience all the good things that their location of choice can offer. As others enjoy precious downtime at the beach, a digital nomad might still be hard at work for most of the day.

Finding a strong and reliable Internet connection can become quite a challenge in some countries, which can limit the amount of work a digital nomad can do and therefore also their income. If one needs to connect with one’s employers or clients at an established time, the difference in time zones will need to be taken into consideration.

Tips for becoming a digital nomad

If you’re eager to try out digital nomadism yourself, there are a few steps you can take towards this goal. Firstly, you should try your hand at remote work, since it’s not exactly for everyone and you might find yourself struggling with motivation, organizing things and meeting deadlines. Once you pass this test, put together an emergency fund which you can access in case things go wrong later on. Before you embark on your adventure, make sure you have world-wide health insurance coverage.

Once you’ve ensured your safety net and have started your new life as a digital nomad, stick to a budget to make sure your lifestyle is maintainable in the long run. Research your destinations beforehand, to establish whether or not you will be able to communicate with locals and have strong enough Internet connections to be able to work properly. Last but not least, enjoy your life as a digital nomad and make sure you don’t blur the lines between work and leisure, so you can have enough time and energy to fulfill your goal of discovering the world!

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