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Company Spotlight: TechSpace

In today’s article we’re taking a look at the story of one of the country’s leading coworking companies, namely TechSpace. This successful U.S.-based enterprise has built an impressive nationwide presence over the past 20 years, all the while establishing itself among the key players of the industry.

History and locations

TechSpace was founded in 1997 and is currently based in sunny California, in the small city of Aliso Viejo, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles. From the very beginning, the company set out to offer a professional setting equipped with the newest technology and business solutions, so customers can focus on their own entrepreneurial ventures by having everything they might need within easy reach.

TechSpace was originally a New York-based company before being acquired by Enfrastructure, a California-based supplier of alternative office spaces, in June 2002. Just one year later the company changed its name to TechSpace to take advantage of the strong brand image that was built before the acquisition deal was finalized. Ever since, the enterprise has been growing continuously and opening new offices in various corners of the U.S., in line with the same mission statement.

Besides its base, the privately-held company has three other coworking hubs in the state of California, situated in Los Angeles, Costa Mesa and San Francisco. Two spacious offices can also be found in New York City, whilst two others are based in Texas, in Houston and Austin. A ninth coworking hub is situated in Arlington, Va.


TechSpace puts the emphasis on helping business-oriented people thrive in a well-equipped, professional environment. It targets all types of business ventures, from well-established Fortune 50 companies to startups at the beginning of their journey. Whether you’re looking to downsize, expand your business or just cleverly utilize a simple office, TechSpace definitely has a wide variety of options available for you.


With an emphasis on technology, TechSpace offers a wide range of high quality features to its clientele. This includes completely scalable interconnected offices which all enjoy unlimited access to the premier technology platform TechSpace is known for. This platform boasts highly secure VLAN and Wi-Fi connections, burstable bandwidth and private data networking. The enterprise IP telephone and call-processing solutions are an added bonus.

But besides its high-level technology services, TechSpace also has welcoming and well-trained concierge staff, offering attentive and professional customer care. The staff is at your disposal to cater for a lunch meeting, book a conference room or restock your office with all the necessary supplies.

Each common room, lounge area and office is strategically designed, built and decorated, with the aim of offering an inspiring, productive and collaborative environment to all clients. The open-concept layout is designed to encourage cooperation in order to increase the chances of building a future business partnership. All the modern offices feature ergonomic furniture, further ensuring a setting which spurs creativity. Clients have a chance to choose between the many specialized spaces, which can be tailored to their needs and future plans.

Membership options

Similarly to other coworking hubs, TechSpace offers a wide spectrum of membership packages to various types of clients, entrepreneurs and businesses. Virtual offices boast features such as mail handling and call answering as well as business addresses for those interested in basing their entrepreneurial ventures in a professional setting.

Flexspaces present an ideal choice for those not looking for a regular, day-to-day office, but who would like to use TechSpace’s services occasionally. Those in search of a proper and legitimate base to work from can opt for one of the many available memberships, which can be tailored to one’s preferences and are priced in line with the number of people using the office space, which can range from one person to a group of twenty or more. Specialized conference and meeting rooms are also available to clients and need to be announced and arranged in advance.

Recipe for success

By targeting an established audience of entrepreneurs and business people, TechSpace has guaranteed itself a constant and reliable clientele—business people who are in regular need of their services. With such a clear mission statement, a stable growth mindset and the goal of providing top-of-the-line services to their clients, TechSpace has definitely earned its position among the leading coworking hubs in the U.S.

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