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Coworking vs Traditional Office Space, What Is Best for You?

Coworking spaces have channeled and changed the traditional office space from the moment they were introduced just 15 years ago. While many believe that these hubs mostly target remote workers and freelancers, and traditional office spaces are aimed at companies, in reality, things aren’t so black-and-white.

Choosing the office layout that best suits your personal needs and professional aspirations is influenced by the type of work you do, your dependence on location, your needs in terms of amenities and services, as well as your future plans. If you’re having a hard time deciding on the best office type fit, we recommend you do a little bit of introspection and consider the following:


Coworking spaces and traditional offices boast different environments for different types of businesses. Shared office spaces are perfect for entrepreneurs that are able to conduct their business online. They’re also ideal for individuals who don’t need to meet up with a handful of clients on a daily basis and can tackle their daily tasks from their laptop. Conventional offices, on the other hand, match traditional professions and can be quite a bargain if you have plenty of clients to deal with, need to interact with your peers, or work in a larger team.

The work environment you choose should also support your work flow. If you simply cannot focus in a shared, open-air room where dozens of other people are pounding away at their keyboards, then you probably need the privacy of an office in order to concentrate.

Community atmosphere

When deciding about the perfect base for your business it’s extremely important to consider your peers, colleagues, and the people with which you surround yourself. Generally speaking, the atmosphere at coworking hubs is lively, vibrant, and inspirational mostly because of its members. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, has different experiences, and most likely even works in different professional fields.

Traditional offices spaces, however, generally attract the same crowd, so you’ll likely be among like-minded people dealing with the same work issues, professional obstacles, and successes. It’s up to you to decide which crowd inspires you better.

Amenities & services

Coworking hubs and traditional office spaces are all built and designed to cater to the office worker’s needs, yet they differ significantly when it comes to on-site facilities. Both are equipped with desks, chairs, printers, and other utilities that every practical workplace needs. But coworking hubs take this one step further and often offer amenities that encourage networking, such as large common areas, lounges, and even some fun game rooms where people can get together in an informal setting.

Price & value

While having full access to some of these fun amenities might seem like something worth splurging on, the price you pay for your office space should definitely match the value your business gains from the location. While membership-based access to a trendy coworking hub might seem appealing, it isn’t worth much if you’re continuously distracted and can’t do your job properly. So before you sign the contract, make sure you get a taste of both types of offices in order to sign up for the one that is in line with your business needs, goals, and most importantly, your budget.

Privacy & security

Privacy and security are other key aspects worth considering when deciding on the perfect office setting. These are especially important for entrepreneurs who deal with confidential projects, meet, or talk on the phone with clients. While in a traditional office you’re likely surrounded by your teammates, at a coworking hub you never know who is sitting right beside you – it could be one of your greatest competitors.

Future plans

Last but not least, it’s important to acknowledge, pursue and work toward your future plans and professional objectives in a setting that can offer you the possibility of growth. Think about the direction in which you’d like to advance your business venture and choose your setting accordingly.

As you can see, there are a myriad of factors to consider when figuring out the most suitable office layout for yourself and your business. By considering the aspects mentioned above, you might get a clearer picture about the core differences between working at a coworking hub or in a traditional office setting. So determine which one matches your needs and requirements and will help you advance your business.


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