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Former WeWork Executive Opens Coworking Hub in Santa Monica

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Frank Bistrian, a former WeWork executive who launched his own coworking company named work well win, plans to open an entrepreneurial hub in Santa Monica, Calif.

Image Courtesy of work well win. Photo Credit: DFH Architects

The 30,000-square-foot flexible workspace will be located at 1201 Third Street Promenade, in a space previously occupied by Barnes & Noble. The community center is slated to open in the fall of 2018, and is going to adopt a holistic approach, with the emphasis on the wellness of its members.

“We’re presenting a model that hasn’t been introduced yet: well-working, a coworking space with wellness integrated into the fabric of its being, that targets mature, healthy professionals and satellite office groups looking for an affordable, prime location office with flexible lease terms. As the only well-working space on the Promenade, we’re thrilled to soon join the Santa Monica community and become immersed in its culture,” Frank Bistrian, founder and CEO of work well win, said in a statement.

The coworking space is designed to embody the “hygge surf” style, a Danish concept that focuses on creating a cozy and comfortable environment that promotes personal wellbeing. The new location aims to drive collaboration and innovation by offering an improved work experience to professionals active in the western Los Angeles area.

Cecilia Walker, head of design at work well win, revealed that the space is going to feature “light blonde wood floors, cool beach blue tones, graphic statement walls, live plant walls, swing chairs, casual lounges, and a surfboard rack space.” Furthermore, the shared office space will have a central atrium basking in natural light, with an open internal staircase designed to allow members to move and walk easily from floor to floor.

In addition to the standard amenities provided by other coworking hubs, the community center will welcome its guests with purified air, fruit-infused water, organic local food, an on-site fitness center, wellness seminars, healthy snacks, as well as a meditation room and a mothers’ room.

Bistrian’s company has recently raised $22 million in funding, and plans to open 12 other locations in 2018, including Venice Beach, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. According to the company website, there are 20 community centers in the pipeline, encompassing 500,000 square feet.

New coworking spaces are constantly popping up all over the country. No less than 4,043 collaborative workspaces were operating in the U.S. in 2017, and their number is expected to grow to 6,219 by 2022—per Statista data. With the gig economy on the rise, major cities attract many highly skilled digital nomads and small startups looking for a remote office. San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Indianapolis and Jacksonville are just a few of the cities that accommodate their needs.

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