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5 Coworking Hotels for the Digital Nomads

Freelancing and digital nomadism have taken the professional world by storm in the past decade, with many people choosing flexible work that allows them to travel and to have a healthier work-life balance than a traditional 9-to-5 job would give them. Younger generations are especially keen to sign up for this new way of working, and many reckon that this tendency is not going to go away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, experts predict that by 2027 more than half of the US work force will be made up of freelance workers.

With these statistics in mind, many businesses have started embracing the idea of digital nomadism, setting up services and amenities that target these individual workers and cater to their needs. The hospitality industry was among the first to recognize the business potential of this new trend, by setting up designated work spaces in hotel lobbies.

Some hotels have taken it one step further and provide not only a myriad of electric sockets and spacious desks in the lobby area, but actually have integrated on-site coworking office areas as well. They provide office supplies and individual desks, as well as communal areas that encourage networking. The idea is to blend travel with work, so that guests won’t even have to leave the premises in order to get some quality work done—they can do it in the hotel’s very own coworking area.

These services are usually complimentary for guests. However, in some instances, coworking hotels are also open to the general public. Some of these places charge extra if non-guests want to work from their shared office space, while others offer their services for free, with worthwhile networking possibilities in mind.

Check out 5 awesome coworking hotels you can find in different corners of the US:

Roam, San Francisco

Part of a global network of co-living spaces, Roam promises to offer a new way of living by providing a welcoming setting where you can be your most productive self. It offers exceptionally homey rooms to ensure maximum comfort throughout your stay. And the accommodation area is much larger than the number of rooms it has, providing ample space for gatherings, events, classes and networking opportunities. With a strong, reliable and safe Internet connection throughout the premises, guests can work from basically any corner of the property, including the well-equipped office areas.

The Assemblage

Situated at the very heart of Midtown Manhattan, The Assemblage is quite a unique co-living space, boasting nearly 80 short- and extended-stay apartment suites. Through their varied membership packages, you can enjoy access not only to traditional coworking features like flexible or dedicated desks, community events and on-site amenities, but with some options you can also gain entry to upstate nature retreats and impact travel opportunities as well. The Assemblage has taken the idea of simultaneous coworking and co-living to an entirely new, all-encompassing level, offering services and gatherings that can help you advance not only your business but maybe also your personal lifestyle.

MamaShelter, LA

At MamaShelter, located in the north-western outskirts of Los Angeles, you can choose between a variety of rooms, some equipped to host individuals and couples, and others that are able to accommodate entire families. The chic interior, the clever and bright layout, the on-site equipment and the generous work desks should all contribute to a productive stay that results in meaningful work getting done. The on-site restaurant comes with large tables and shareable food to help initiate communication between guests. The cozy rooftop bar overlooking the iconic Hollywood sign is another fantastic place to either do some work or to get to know like-minded people staying at the same place.

Eaton DC

A stunning boutique hotel situated in Downtown Washington, Eaton DC targets travelers who are looking for a little more than simple accommodation and are interested in looking for inspiration and innovation. The hotel offers designer-chic private rooms where you can unwind and relax, so that on the following day you can get some quality work done in the many beautifully-decorated communal areas Eaton DC has to offer. Despite not looking like your traditional coworking hub, the hotel advertises itself as a collective gathering of changemakers and creatives, and promotes itself to individuals interested in arts, culture and holistic practices. The inspiring setting, the well-equipped spaces and the fantastic community vibe can all provide you with inspiration while you are doing your job.

The Venetian, Las Vegas

The iconic 5-star The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas recognized early on the importance of a good on-site amenity that helps out businessmen and women, along with budding entrepreneurs. In 2017 it opened an exclusive on-site coworking pop-up, with generous desk spaces, private phone rooms, charging stations and a private conference room. The lounge area is perfect for initiating and maintaining professional partnerships, before you head out and try your luck at the casino next door!

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